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Civic Center Park

Project Overview - Complete

Civic Center Design Guidelines
Civic Center, the symbolic heart and soul of Denver, has undergone improvements based on a vision outlined in design guidelines which direct  $9.5 million of the Better Denver Bond funding to restore the Greek Theater, Voorhies Memorial, Broadway Terrace, park walkways and balustrades. This work is now complete.  To read more, including the Design Guidelines, click here.   

The Greek Theatre, Voorhies Memorial and balustrade were built over 90 years ago. Because of their age, the heavy use of these facilities, and past funding challenges, these structures were deteriorating and needed special maintenance. 


Broadway Terrace Improvements
Broadway Terrace, the area of Civic Center located along Broadway, was improved. The work, which is complete, includes the following:

  • New furnishings, concrete walks and granite edging, and rehabilitation of the promenade using historic and new brick
  • Additional tree plantings, new irrigation, re-grading, and improved drainage
  • Closure of the Colfax Street free right turn at Broadway, and expansion of the park at that corner

The Landmark Commission and Parks Rec Advisory Board have approved the design of the new improvements. 


Irrigation Assessment and Design
Comprehensive park-wide assessment and design of irrigation and other park utilities.


Voorhies and Greek Theater Design-Build Rehabilitation 
Rehabilitation and restoration of the Voorhies Memorial and Greek Theater is complete, including improvements to the roof systems, drains, stone, lighting and accessibility. To read more and view additional photos please click here.


Balustrade Wall 
Rehabilitation and restoration of the balustrade wall has been completed.



     Voorhies                                              Greek Theater                         
    Broadway Terrace                              Balustrade Wall                         

Bond Project Map

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 Broadway Terrace Improvements


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