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Better Denver logoProgress Report - Through Q2/June 2012 

The Better Denver Bond Program continues to make great progress with 279 of 319 Better Denver Bond projects completed through Q2 2012. Over 87% of Bond Projects are completed and an additional 17 are in construction.  This work represents an injection of over $439 million into the local economy, and is helping to boost jobs.  During 2012, a number of large projects are being executed, and during Q2 2012 over 100M of projects are under construction.  The total number of projects has increased since the program inception, as money saved in some projects has been redeployed to needs in similar purpose areas.

A summary of our program progress through the last quarterly reporting period (Q22012) is shown below.  


Status through 2nd Quarter (April 1 - June 30, 2012)

Number of Projects by Phase  


Project Phase

Number of Projects


Future Projects




In Planning Phase




In Design Phase




In Construction Phase




Project Complete 




Post Program (after 2012)




Total Number of Projects




 “Projects” refers to the current total number of projects and sub-projects that comprise the Program


Completed Bond Projects

Click  here to view a full list of all completed bond projects through the current reporting quarter.


2012 First Quarter Report

This report outlines the progress of the Better Denver Program
in the 2012 First Quarter Report.

Project Status Map

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