Preliminary Findings

Denver Public Works has collected, and is collecting, before and after data on the 15th Street Bikeway to understand how people are using the facility. Data collection occurs at 15th and Glenarm Streets. This data is showing an 30% increase in the number of bicyclists using the corridor and a 62% reduction of bicyclists riding on the sidewalk. During the PM peak, we're seeing as high as a 100% increase in users on the Bikeway than before the facility was in place! See preliminary findings here.

In addition to this, Public Works collected responses from an online survey to understand how users feel about the corridor. After the Bikeway was installed, many more people used the facility on a daily basis. Most users felt that travel on 15th St improved with the installation of the Bikeway.


15th Infographic

Denver Public Works developed this infographic to describe the before and after conditions of 15th Street.