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On-Street Bikeways: Rules of the Road

Ride defensively – Prepare for the unexpected and plan alternate maneuvers to avoid conflict. Rules alone do not always protect bicyclists from injury.


Obey Traffic Signals and Signs

As a vehicle, bicycles must obey all the Rules of the Road. Cyclists have the same privileges and duties as other traffic.



Ride to the Right in a Straight Line

Avoid dodging between parked cars. Ride in a straight line at least three feet away from the curb to allow room for moving around road hazards. Watch for cars entering from driveways.


Beware of Car Doors

Be wary of parked cars. Motorists can unexpectedly open doors. Ride a car door width away from parked cars.



Scan the Road Behind

Look over your shoulder to check regularly and use a mirror to monitor traffic. Although bicycles have equal right to the road, be prepared to maneuver for safety.


Use Appropriate Lane

Avoid being in a right turn-only lane if you plan to proceed straight through. Move into the straight through lane early. In narrow lanes or slow traffic, it may be safer to take the whole lane.



Turning Left – 2 Options

1. AS A VEHICLE: Signal your intentions in advance. Move to the left turn lane, and complete the turn when it is safe.
2. AS A PEDESTRIAN: Ride to the far crosswalk and walk across.



Be Careful at Intersections

The majority of urban bicycle accidents take place at intersections. Proceed carefully, make sure you are visible, and signal your intentions. Vehicles making turns can be particularly dangerous.


Make Eye Contact

Confirm that you are seen. Establish eye contact with motorists to insure they know you are on the road. Share the road in a polite and courteous manner.


Be Courteous

Share the road and the responsibilities. Motorists and cyclists get along much better when showing courtesy and consideration towards each other.



Commuter Cycling

Transportation becomes recreation; the necessary jaunt becomes a pleasurable and healthy journey. Plan your trip and prepare for sudden weather changes.