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Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee

The purpose of the MBAC is to advise the Mayor and City Council of the City and County of Denver, and all Departments of and consultants to the City, on all matters relating to the use of bicycles as a means of transportation and recreation. MBAC reviews and make recommendations on planning, design, and development of projects prepared by developers, City Departments, and consultants affecting the use of bicycles.


Committee info

  • 25 Members
  • 3 Year Terms
  • Compensation: None
  • City Council Approval: No
  • Qualifications: None
  • Enabling Authority: None


2019 Schedule

  • First Thursday of the month
  • Webb Building, Conference Room 5.F.5/6 (as of March)
  • 5:30–7:00 p.m.

All meetings are open to the public. To get to the room, enter the Webb building from the north entrance off Court Place near 15th Street. Take the first elevator bank to your right to the 5th floor. Exit the elevator, take a right, walk down the hallway, and take your second right (right after the Policy Planning Sustainability sign hanging above the hall). The room is directly on your left. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the meeting to get through security. If you are not an MBAC member, just let security know you are a guest of a public meeting.


Jordan Block, 12-31-2019

Mariano Castro, 12-31-2019

Libby Kaiser, 12-31-2019

Russell Koff, 12-31-2019

Katie McKenna, 12-31-2019

Lisa Nguyen, 12-31-2019

Kevin Williams, 12-31-2019

Antonia Banducci, 12-31-2020

Lynn Coppedge, 12-31-2020

JJ Folsom, 12-31-2020

Bradford Fried, 12-31-2020

Tamir Goldstein, 12-31-2020

Collen Mentz, 12-31-2020

James Thacker, 12-31-2020

Arthur Antoine, 12-31-2021

Brian Carroll, 12-31-2021

Danny Fritz, 12-31-2021

Laura Groenjes Mitchel, 12-31-2021

Amy Kenreich, 12-31-2021

Jose Lopez, 12-31-2021

Jamie Perkins, 12-31-2021

Stan Poladasky, 12-31-2021

Beth Wyatt, 12-31-2021

Ben Schumacher, 12-31-2021

Avi Stopper, 12-31-2021

Contact Us

MBAC Chair Brian Carroll

MBAC Co-Chair James Thacker 

Paige Colton, Denver DOTI
Michael King, Denver DOTI

Agendas & Minutes

January — Minutes (PDF)

February 7 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

March 7 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

April 4 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

May 2 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

June 6 — Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)

July — no meeting

August 1 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

September 5 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF) 

October 3 — Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF) 

November 7 — Agenda (PDF)

December 5 — Minutes (PDF)

January 11 - Agenda/Minutes (PDF)

March 1 - Agenda (PDF) and Meeting Notes (PDF)

April 5 - Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

May 3 - Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

June 7 - Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)


August 2 - Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

September 6 — Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

October 4 — Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

November 1 — Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)

December 6 — Agenda (PDF) and Minutes (PDF)