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Garfield Street Neighborhood Bikeway

Denver Moves, the City and County of Denver’s Bicycle and Walking Action Plan, identified the Garfield Street corridor between City Park and the Cherry Creek Trail as an ideal candidate to become a neighborhood bikeway (formerly known as bicycle boulevard). The Garfield Street Neighborhood Bikeway was envisioned with new design features that would enhance bicycling and walking for a wide range of people. It would support motor vehicle traffic traveling at speeds that are consistent with the posted limits of 25 MPH. It would not rely on traditional bike lanes. The Garfield Street Neighborhood Bikeway would utilize a collection of treatments including traffic calming, signing, marking, and intersection improvements. The treatments would be specific to each location and evolve as travel patterns adjust over time.

Proposed Improvement Exhibits

Feasibility Study & Final Report

The information from Denver Moves was combined with stakeholder input and national design guidelines to prepare a plan for the Garfield Street Neighborhood Bikeway. The City’s project team collected information over a nine-month process that included two neighborhood workshops, and meeting with registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs).

Read the final report (PDF)

Appendix A: Concept Plans (PDF)

Cost estimates (PDF)



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