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2012 Bicycle Program

This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2012 work program. The map illustrates the location of 2012 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2012 (gray).

46th Ave Tennyson St  Tejon St  Bike lane/party parking bike lane/sharrow 
Tejon 46th Ave 32nd Ave Bike lane/sharrow
17th Ave Meade St Elliot St Sharrow 
26th Ave York St Colorado Blvd Bike lane
Morrison Rd Sheridan Blvd Alameda Ave Bike lane
Franklin St Cheesman Park  21st Ave Sharrow
Dartmouth Ave Webster St Lowell St Bike lane 
Syracuse Way Yale Ave Dartmouth Ave Bike lane 
Yosemite St Dartmouth Ave Hampden Ave Bike lane
Bannock St 1st Ave 6th Ave Bike lane 
23rd Ave Perry St Stuart St Sharrow
12th Ave Franklin St Elizabeth St Sharrow
20th Ave Franklin St Downing St Sharrow
Hampden Ave   Sheridan Blvd Wadsworth Blvd  Bike lane 
Princeton Ave  Eastmoor Dr Quebec St Sharrow
Princeton Ave Quebec St  Tamarac Dr Party parking bike lane