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2014 Bicycle Program

These bicycle lanes and sharrows were installed in 2014. The map illustrates the location of 2014 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2014 (gray).

Central St 16th St  20th St Bike lane 
Perry St 17th Ave 6th Ave Sharrow 
Steele St Exposition Ave  I-25 Sharrow 
Navajo St  32nd Ave 44th Ave Sharrow
Knox Ct 14th Ave  8th Ave Sharrow
E 26th Ave Quebec St  Colorado Blvd  Bike lane 
E 23rd Ave  Kearney St  Colorado Blvd  Bike lane 
E 47th Ave Lincoln St Washington St Bike lane
Crown Blvd Albrook Dr  56th Ave  Shared parking bike lane 
N Tennyson St 26th Ave  52nd Ave  Sharrow 
W 1st Ave  Sheridan  Knox Ct  Buffered bike lane