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2016 Bicycle Program

These projects were installed in 2016. The map illustrates the location of 2016 projects and the existing facilities prior to 2016.

Street     To  From  Type  Bike lane miles Sharrow miles
Stout St  19th St  Downing  Protected bike lane  1  
Broadway Demonstration Project  Bayaud  Virginia  Protected bike lane demo  0.5  
Champa St Downing  20th St  Buffered bike lane  1  
Bryant  7th  2nd Bike lane 1  
2nd Ave / Tejon / Bayaud Bryant Platte River Trail  Bike lane  2.5  
W 29th Ave Central St Sheridan Bike lane/ buffered bike lane  4.8  
E 47th Ave Brighton  Clayton  Buffered bike lane  1.14 0.26
Krameria 12th Ave  Colfax  Bike lane  0.4 0.8
Lowell St Girard St  Evans St  Bike lane  3  
Blake St Downing  Broadway  Bike lane  2  
W 44th Ave I-25 bridge  Fox St  Bike lane  0.5  
Fox St W 44th Ave  41st Ave  Bike lane/ shoulder lane 0.5