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Parking-Protected Bikeways 

Denver Public Works is continuing to implement the Denver Moves Bicycles Plan by bringing more enhanced bikeways to downtown Denver. Parking-protected bike lanes enhance the safety of the roadway by physically separating vehicle and bicycle traffic with both a buffered area and a parking lane. Vehicles are able to park along these streets without crossing or blocking the bike lane. Bicycles can stay out of the "door zone" of parked cars and have additional protection from vehicles in faster moving travel lanes. 

Enhanced bikeways increase comfort for bicyclists of all ages and skill levels, encouraging more people to ride for fun or for their commute. These types of facilities also have a higher "ease of use" for most riders, especially when connected to new and existing bike facilities.

The current striped bike lane on 14th Street will be converted to a parking protected lane from Market to Court, providing opposite movement to complement the protected bikeway on 15th Street. This is the first time concrete curbs will be used to separate a bike lane and parking lane in Denver.

new roadway configuration, with parking lane, raised curb, bike lane, and sidewalk

An existing striped bike lane on 14th Avenue between Bannock and Speer was upgraded to a parking-protected facility to improve connections between the Cherry Creek Trail and the west side of downtown.

markings on new parking protected bike lane with Colorado Capitol building in background

The bike facility along Stout Street was upgraded to a parking-protected lane between 19th Street and 26th Street, and bufferd from 26th to Downing Street.

In Fall 2015, Denver Public Works installed the first parking-protected bike lanes downtown, creating enhanced bicycle connections between Auraria Campus and 24th Street.

  • Lawrence Street: east-bound bicycle lanes from Speer to 24th
  • Arapahoe Street: west-bound bicycle lanes from 24th to Speer  

Lawrence St highlighted from Speer to 24th St, Arapahoe St highlighted from 24th St to Speer

Construction began in October 2015 to shift the existing bike lanes on these streets to a new configuration, with a designated parking lane next to the buffered bike lane against the curb. Construction conluded in December 2015, marked by an opening celebration with Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks, the Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver Public Works and the American Heart Association.

Project Information (PDF)

Public Works News Release — Oct. 12, 2015

Other Bikeway Features

Transit Islands: New concrete transit islands for buses along Lawrence Street will provide safe places for pedestrians to access transit.

Mixing Zones: Drivers making right turns from Arapahoe must yield to bicyclists as they merge across the bike lane when approaching the intersection.

Bike Signals: Designated signals at three intersections aim to prevent collisions by giving bicyclists their own traffic signal phase, or “head start” at busier areas:

  • Lawrence Street at Speer Boulevard
  • Arapahoe Street at Broadway/Park Avenue West
  • Arapahoe at 18th Street

For More Information

Contact the Denver Bicycle Program

Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver: Call 720-913-1311
TTY Service: 720-913-8479


Metered Parking Sticker with driver information: Tires should be entirely within the designated parking lane.Parking Configurations & Metering

Parking will continue to be metered in marked spots along roadways with protected bike lanes. Meters will remain on the sidewalk area. After parking, people will cross the bike lane on foot to access the parking meters.

Use care when crossing the buffer and the bike lane to pay the meters. All meters along the parking-protected bikeways will include information about how to use the designated parking lane.

Tires should be entirely within the painted parking space. If painted lines are not visible, align the vehicle's bumper with the meter. Do not park within painted buffered areas near bike lanes or transit islands.