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Bicycle Resources

Whether you are riding a bike to commute or simply for exercise, having a bicycle facility to ride on is a critical component of building a more bicycle friendly Denver. However, riders need other educational resources (such as bike maps) to make their trips complete. 

Local Bike Shops

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Find a local business to help you buy a new bike, find replacement parts, or get some new gear. Regular maintenance is just as important for bicycles as cars; many locations will also offer repair services and tune-ups to keep your ride smooth.

(Please note: The City and County of Denver is in no way responsible for the content of this site or the listing, rating or reviewing of the shops listed therein)

Denver B-Cycle Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is a great way to get around quickly: Instead of having to own and maintain your own bike, for a small fee you can use one of the shared bikes when you need it. Pick up a bike at any bike sharing station and drop it off when you’re done. (A credit card or debit card is required.)

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Safe Routes to School banner with images of children and bicycles

Denver’s Safe Routes To School (SRTS) program aims to improve children's ability to safely walk and bicycle to school. These programs involve the whole community — parents, children, schools, the city, residents, neighborhoods, non-profit organizations and public health agencies. Learn more about Denver's coalition


group of bicyclesBicycle Registration

Register your bike online to assist the Denver Police Department with recovery of your bike should it get lost or stolen. Bike registration can also assist in the successful identification of injured cyclists. You can register your bicycle using Denver PD's Online Bicycle Registration.

If your bike has been stolen, call the Denver Police Department in the area in which you reside, or in which your bicycle was stolen (see a precinct map).