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Denver Moves: Enhanced Bikeways (2014)

Denver Public Works (DPW), in collaboration with the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP), is creating a plan for enhanced on-street bicycle facilities (e.g., cycletracks, protected or buffered lanes, signalized or marked intersections) in the downtown area and throughout Denver. This includes:

  • Developing a detailed plan for a network of enhanced on-street bicycle facilities in Downtown Denver, as well as identifying key corridors that link from adjacent neighborhoods to either downtown or off-street trails.
  • Establishing preliminary design standards for enhanced on-street bicycle facilities

The purpose of creating this plan is to enhance the city-wide bicycle network to be more attractive to cyclists of average ability (i.e., the 60% who identify themselves as “interested but concerned”), furthering the goals set forth in Denver Moves (2011). The recommended network of enhanced on-street bicycle facilities shall incorporate the Denver Moves plan (2011) and complement the existing Denver Moves bicycle facility network.

October 7, 2014 Open House Presentations

Public Outreach & Notes (PDF)

Boards Presented (PDF)

More Information

Denver Moves planning meetingDenver Moves logo

Denver Moves is the next phase of making bicycle and mutli-use connections in the Mile High City. It is a physical and action-oriented plan that builds upon the Bicycle Master Plan Update, Denver Parks and Recreation Game Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan, and transit-oriented development (TOD) plans. 

Denver Moves focuses on integrating the off-street and on-street networks identified in these past planning efforts to create safe, comfortable corridors that link neighborhoods, parks, employment centers, business districts, transit hubs, and other destinations in all parts of Denver. It shows the recommended improvements for Denver's bicycle corridors, as well as a phasing plan for implementation.

Denver Moves Final Plan

Facility Map 

Phasing Map

2001 Bicycle Master Plan Update

Denver Bicycle Master Plan Update 2001 (cover)
View or download the Bicycle Master Plan (pdf)

This document is an update to the 1993 Denver Bicycle Master Plan (DBMP). The 2001 Update focused on:
-Grid Route System, 
-Downtown Bicycling,
-Major Missing Links,
-Parks and Trails,
-Recreational Bicycling,
-Transit Access and Accommodations, and

Many of the recommendations of the 2001 Update have been implemented since the plan’s completion.

1993 Denver Bicycle Master Plan (cover)1993 Denver Bicycle Master Plan

The 1993 Denver Bicycle Master Plan sought to develop and implement a comprehensive bicycling program by developing a framework for a physical bicycle system as well as education, promotion, enforcement, public policy, and information distribution programs.


Earlier Efforts

Denver Bicycle Master Plan 1970s

The first Bicycle Master Plan prepared for the City and County of Denver was adopted in 1979 and updated in 1987.

Denver's bicycle system is constructed and maintained by different city departments, depending on the type of facility.

Streets and Bike Lanes
On-street bike facilities (bike lanes, sharrows, signed routes) are the responsibility of Public Works.

Trails and Paths
Off-street trails are built and maintained by Parks and Recreation.

Report a Problem

Report Problems Like:

  • Potholes/Sinkholes
  • Ice on paths or trails
  • Debris on the street

Denver 311 Help Center

Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver: Call 720-913-1311
Emergencies: 911
TTY Service: 720-913-8479