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Annual Bicycle Program

The following graph displays Denver bicycle improvements since 2009 by sharrow and bike lane installation, as well as the cumulative progress since our first bicycle facility was installed. For more details on progress each year since 2008, expand the section for the work program year or project below.

Denver Bicycle Striping Improvements (graph)

Bike Infrastructure Projects

Denver Public Works just installed the first bicycle dedicated signage indicating distance, direction and destinations along the D-10 bike route. This is an east-west route that extends the City limits from Sheridan Blvd (Lakewood) to Yosemite St (Aurora). The signage helps people arrive at their destinations on bike, indicating where destinations are located and how far. This is the first of several 'D' routes that will be signed in 2014.

The 14th Street protected bike lane (PBL) project has been delayed due to design changes. In its place, Denver has committed to installing a protected bike lane on Arapahoe Street in 2015.

As identified in the update of Denver Moves, Public Works is developing designs to add a protected bike lane along Lawrence and Arapahoe Streets. While Denver's first PBL along 15th Street is along the left side of the roadway, the new bikeways along Arapahoe and Lawrence will be on the right side of the road and will connect from 24th St to the Auraria campus. The design team is currently exploring options to manage right turning vehicles and thru bicycle movements, and exploring the use of bicycle-specific traffic signals. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Dan Raine.

Denver Public Works is excited to introduce the 15th Street Bikeway, Denver's first protected bike lan,e in the left hand lane of 15th Street from Cleveland Place to Larimer Street. Learn more about the Bikeway and read important findings about its usage and design.

The Denver Bicycle Master Plan identifies connectivity across I-25 to the Colorado Center and RTD Light Rail Station as a major missing link in the bicycle system. The need for a bridge at this location was also discussed as far back as 1999 in the Southeast Corridor EIS Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which included the following text: "As a result of the poor conditions along Colorado it has been suggested that a separate pedestrian overpass be constructed from the Colorado Center to Jewell, north of I-25."

2008-2013 TIP Funding Request was submitted to DRCOG in September 2007 and was approved for funding in the Spring of 2008. The total project budget, including design and construction, is $8 Million. The Project is funded with $4 M in 2010 City Capital Improvement Funds, and $4 M in 2011 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Funds.

The City and County of Denver (CCD) in April of 2010 hired the firm of HNTB to design the project.

For more information on project status, visit the Colorado Center Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge project site.

The S Broadway/Lincoln Corridor Study will identify and design multi-modal improvements, specifically with bicycle facilities, for the S Broadway/Lincoln Corridor. See more at

This project will have a Living/Complete Street vision with the public and engaged stakeholders. The project will determine an appropriate enhanced facility type to serve people on bikes, residents, business owners, pedestrians, and transit users; the facility will connect to the overall bicycle network and integrate with RTD transit services.

The project is expected to begin in May of 2015, and will conclude in the summer of 2016.

In 2015, Denver Public Works (DPW) will be installing a neighborhood bikeway (formerly known as bicycle boulevard) on Knox Ct from Alameda/Morrison to Kentucky St.

In addition, DPW will be designing three neighborhood bikeways in 2015:

  • W 35th Ave: Navajo St to Sheridan Blvd
  • E 12th Ave: Garfield St to Quebec St
  • Garfield St: Cherry Creek Trail to 17th Ave

Learn more about these projects

Denver Public Works (DPW), in collaboration with the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP), is creating a plan for enhanced on-street bicycle facilities (e.g., cycletracks, protected or buffered lanes, signalized or marked intersections) in the downtown area and throughout Denver. Learn more by visiting our Bike Planning webpage.

Denver Public Works has been considering the idea of re-configuring 19th and 20th Avenues from one-way streets (eastbound and westbound, respectively) to two-way operations with bike lanes through the Uptown Area. The purpose of the conversion would be to provide more complete streets that better accommodate all modes of traffic—bicycles and pedestrians as well as vehicles. 19th and 20th Avenues are candidates for two-way streets due to their relatively short segments with one-way operations (9 and 7 blocks, respectively), as they have limited continuity east of West Park Avenue.

To better understand this re-configuration, Denver conducted an analysis of traffic, operations and roadway design alternatives for 19th and 20th Avenues. Review the final report and design plan for this analysis.

The following list of projects are those that are programmed to be installed (or have been installed) in 2015:

MLK Blvd  Quebec St  Central Park Blvd  Buffered bike lane  Installed 
Bayaud St  Steele St  Colorado Blvd  Bike lane  Installed 
W 29th Ave  Sheridan Blvd  Central St  Bike lane 

September 2015 Project Update

November 2015 Final Project Update

Lawrence St  25th St  SB Speer Blvd  Parking protected bike lane   
Arapahoe St  21st St  SB Speer Blvd  Parking protected bike lane   
Knox Ct  6th Ave  Alameda  Bike lane  Installed
Knox Ct  Alameda  Kentucky St  Neighborhood bikeway  Barnum 5/12/15 presentation
Raleigh St  Bear Creek Trail  Sanderson Gulch Trail  Bike lane  Installed
28th Ave through Whittier  Josephine St  Champa St  Bike lane/sharrows   
Tamarac  E Hampden Circle  Dartmouth Ave  Protected bike lane   
E 11th Ave  Osage St  Ogden  Bike lane/sharrows   
Iowa St  Logan St  Santa Fe  Bike lane   
Lincoln St  E 45th Ave  E 47th Ave  Sharrows   
Lipan St  Virginia St  Sanderson Gulch Trail  Bike lane/sharrows   
Stout St  Broadway  Downing     Protected bike lane  Curtis Park Neighbors meeting
Presentation (PDF)
Champa St  Downing  Broadway  Enhanced bike lane  Curtis Park Neighbors meeting
Presentation (PDF)
E 1st Ave  Galapago     Corona  Sharrows   
W 2nd Ave  Knox Ct  Umatilla St  Bike lane/sharrows  Barnum 9/8/2015 presentation

The map below illustrates the location of 2015-16 projects and the existing facilities prior to 2015.

2015-2016 Denver Bicycle Implementation Program draft; map of Denver area with proposed and existing bike projects

The table below displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed in 2014. The map below illustrates the location of 2014 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2014 (gray).

Central St 16th St  20th St Bike lane 
Perry St 17th Ave 6th Ave Sharrow 
Steele St Exposition Ave  I-25 Sharrow 
Navajo St  32nd Ave 44th Ave Sharrow
Knox Ct 14th Ave  8th Ave Sharrow
E 26th Ave Quebec St  Colorado Blvd  Bike lane 
E 23rd Ave  Kearney St  Colorado Blvd  Bike lane 
E 47th Ave Lincoln St Washington St Bike lane
Crown Blvd Albrook Dr  56th Ave  Shared parking bike lane 
N Tennyson St 26th Ave  52nd Ave  Sharrows 
W 1st Ave  Sheridan  Knox Ct  Buffered bike lane 


This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2013 work program. The map below illustrates the location of 2013 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2013 (gray).

15th St Larimer St  Cleveland St  Protected bike lane
Water St/23rd Ave Aquarium Clay St Climbing lane
45th Ave Broadway Washington St Party parking/sharrow 
Walnut St 7th St 4th St Bike lane
5th St Walnut St Colfax Bike lane
13th Ave Platte River Shoshone St Bike lane
Iola St 26th Ave MLK Blvd Bike lane 
Havana St 26th Ave Florence St Bike lane 
Yale Ave University Blvd Colorado Blvd Bike lane

This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2012 work program. The map below illustrates the location of 2012 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2012 (gray).


46th Ave Tennyson St  Tejon St  Bike lane/party parking bike lane/sharrow 
Tejon 46th Ave 32nd Ave Bike lane/sharrow
17th Ave Meade St Elliot St Sharrow 
26th Ave York St Colorado Blvd Bike lane
Morrison Rd Sheridan Blvd Alameda Ave Bike lane
Franklin St Cheesman Park  21st Ave Sharrow
Dartmouth Ave Webster St Lowell St Bike lane 
Syracuse Way Yale Ave Dartmouth Ave Bike lane 
Yosemite St Dartmouth Ave Hampden Ave Bike lane
Bannock St 1st Ave 6th Ave Bike lane 
23rd Ave Perry St Stuart St Sharrow
12th Ave Franklin St Elizabeth St Sharrow
20th Ave Franklin St Downing St Sharrow
Hampden Ave   Sheridan Blvd Wadsworth Blvd  Bike lane 
Princeton Ave  Eastmoor Dr Quebec St Sharrow
Princeton Ave Quebec St  Tamarac Dr Party parking bike lane

This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2011 work program. The map below illustrates the location of 2011 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2011 (gray).


23rd Ave York St  High St  Sharrow 
High St 23rd Ave 22nd Ave Sharrow 
High St Buchtel Blvd Iliff Ave Sharrow 
Larimer St Broadway Downing St Bike lane
46th Ave Sheridan Blvd Tennyson St Bike lane
Emerson St Louisiana Ave  Cherry Creek Trail Bike lane
Washington St I-25 Cherry Creek Trail Bike lane 
Florida Ave Sheridan Blvd S. Platte River Bike lane 
17th Ave Sheridan Blvd Meade St  Bike lane
14th St Blake St  Colfax  Bike lane 
Exposition University  Jackson Bike lane 
 Bannock St Colfax  10th Ave  Bike lane 

This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2010 work program. The map below illustrates the location of 2010 projects (pink) and the existing facilities prior to 2010 (gray).


Louisiana Ave Logan St  Franklin St  Sharrow 
22nd Ave Washington St York St Bike lane 
Champa St 20th St  13th St  Bike lane 
Welton St Colfax Ave 19th St Bike lane
14th Ave Speer Blvd Acoma St Bike lane
MLK Blvd Elizabeth St  Quebec St Bike lane
Yale Ave Syracuse Way Quebec St Bike lane 
Dartmouth Ave Syracuse Way Quebec St  Bike lane 

This table displays the bicycle lanes and sharrows that were installed as a part of Denver Public Works' 2009 work program. The map below illustrates the location of 2009 projects (pink) in addition to the existing facilities prior to 2009 (gray).


31st Ave  High St  Elizabeth St  Sharrow 
31st Ave Downing St  High St  Bike lane 
Stout St  Park Ave West  Downing St  Bike lane 
Cherokee St 10th Ave  Colfax Ave  Sharrow 
Logan St  11th Ave 20th Ave  Sharrow 
Logan St  Harvard Ave  Iowa Ave  Sharrow 
Court Place  Colfax Ave  16th St  Sharrow 
MLK Blvd  Champa St  Elizabeth St  Sharrow 
21st St  Blake St  20th Ave  Sharrow 
Harvard Ave  Sherman St  Logan St  Sharrow 
Osage St 10th Ave 11th Ave  Sharrow 
11th Ave Osage St Mariposa St Sharrow 
23rd Ave Grove St  I-25 Sharrow 
Tremont St 13th St  Broadway  Bike lane 
12th Ave Clayton St  Madison St  Bike lane 
Champa St  20th St  Downing St  Bike lane 
Mariposa St  8th Ave  Colfax Ave  Bike lane 

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