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Multimodal Design


Since 2015, Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) has been studying Broadway to make the corridor safer for bicyclists, drivers, pedestrians and transit riders.

In 2019, after extensive community input and technical planning, the City is designing a more multi-modal Broadway:

  • Broadway South Segment: Detailed design of construction-ready plans from 7th Avenue at the Cherry Creek Trail south to the I-25 Broadway Station.
    The voter-approved Elevate Denver Bond Program invests $12 million toward the construction of Denver Moves: Broadway’s South Segment.
  • Broadway North Segment: Conceptual design from 7th Avenue north to 16th Avenue.


Creating vibrant places where people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable using any mode of travel is central to the project’s goals:

  • Everyone arrives safely
  • Community and business collaboration
  • New and enhanced mobility options for everyone

SAFETY: Supports Vision Zero with street design that protects people walking and biking in part of Denver’s High Injury Network (HIN).

EFFICIENCY: Moves more people through the same amount of space by improving options for walking, biking, transit and driving.

CONNECTIVITY: Increases options for getting to and from downtown, entertainment districts, major transit stations and transportation corridors.

COMMUNITY CHARACTER: Provides opportunities for public art, landscaping and other streetscape improvements.

2015-2018: Broadway test bikeway

2017: Bond Vote


  • Spring 2019: Conceptual Design
  • Fall 2019: Detailed design (60%)
  • Winter 2020/2021: Final design 
  • 2021+: Implementation and construction planning


  • Spring 2019: Conceptual design
  • Fall 2019+: Funding identification

Detailed Design Roll Plot 

Community Input Summary (PDF)

September Open House Roll Plot Feedback

Design Workgroup – September 2019

Loading Zone Roll Plot

The Elevate Denver Bond Program is a 10-year, $937 million general obligation bond approved by voters in 2017 to enhance the City and County of Denver by providing critical citywide improvements to the infrastructure that defines Denver — our roads and sidewalks, parks and playgrounds, libraries and museums. Through more than 500 projects, Elevate Denver ensures our city works for everyone — from theater patrons to hospital patients, first responders to bicycle commuters.

The voter-approved Elevate Denver Bond Program invests $12 million toward the construction of Denver Moves: Broadway’s South Segment.

Elevate Denver


map of Broadway and Lincoln project segments north and south of Cherry Creek in Denver 


Concurrent Projects


DOTI has also been working concurrently with neighborhoods within and surrounding the Denver Moves: Broadway project area to build safer and more efficient walking, biking and transit connections in South Central Denver to get people where they need to go.

DOTI has recently been holding virtual public meetings to understand how people in the community currently travel. Visit the website below for more information on this concurrent project, including opportunities to get involved.

Transit Improvements


Following initial transit improvements along the Broadway/Lincoln corridor, Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure plans to extend transit-only lane hours on South Lincoln Street. During the planning phase, the project team is seeking input from the community on the preferred alternative for Lincoln from I-25 to 7th Avenue.