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Lincoln Transit Enhancements: What's Important to YOU?

BACKGROUND: The Denver Moves: Broadway/Lincoln Study (2016) developed a multimodal vision for both Broadway and Lincoln from I-25 to Downtown. That vision includes:

  • a 2-way cycletrack on Broadway
  • transit speed and reliability improvements on both Broadway and Lincoln
  • pedestrian improvements throughout the corridor

The 2-way cycletrack (Denver Moves Broadway) from Center Ave to Cherry Creek Trail is now in design with plans to implement when design is complete, any necessary temporary easements for construction are acquired, and bond funding is issued, potentially as early as 2021.

In 2017, the City implemented a first phase of the transit speed and reliability improvements including red paint, stop balancing, and 24-hr transit-only lanes along Broadway (Exposition to 17th Ave.) and Lincoln (7th Ave. to 13th Ave.), resulting in improved transit ridership and reliability by 2.5% and 15% respectively.

Denver Public Works is now in Phase 2 of transit speed and reliability improvements and is seeking community input on Lincoln from Exposition to 7th Ave.  Phase 2 transit speed and reliability does not include major redesign or implementation; it is envisioned as a low-cost, high impact improvement effort.

Please note this project is separate from Denver Moves Broadway and the multimodal design project. This survey is a visioning exercise to understand community priorities for the corridor. This survey is open until September 15, 2019.


  • Fall 2019: Based on survey feedback, the City will design several low cost, quick implementation concepts for Lincoln Street for additional public input this fall.
  • Winter 2019/2020: Preferred Alternative identified
  • Spring/Summer 2020: Anticipated Implementation

map of past and future improvement areas on Broadway and Lincoln between Civic Center and I-25