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Lincoln Transit Enhancements

Broadway Station to 7th Avenue


The Denver Moves: Broadway/Lincoln Study developed a multimodal vision for both Broadway and Lincoln. The city is now implementing Phase 2 of transit improvements from that vision.

A 2-way cycletrack on Broadway is being implemented concurrently; learn more about that project


  • 2016: Denver Moves: Broadway/Lincoln Study
  • 2017: Phase 1 Transit Enhancements
  • 2019: Phase 2 Transit Enhancements
    • Summer: Corridor visioning
    • October: Feedback on design options
    • December: Feedback on refined design options
  • Early 2020: Decide on Preferred Design
  • 2020: Implementation 

Existing Conditions

Monday–Friday: 3 Travel Lanes, Limited Transit-Only Lane

  • Buses spend more than 1/3 of their time stopped in traffic
  • Significant transit delay in afternoons
  • Long crossing distances across traffic for pedestrians
  • Low parking utilization in morning/midday
  • Medium-high parking utilization in evenings between Alameda and 3rd

current conditions on Lincoln, with three travel lanes and a lane for bus and parking 

Saturday–Sunday: 3 Travel Lanes, 24-hour Parking

  • Transit delays at bottlenecks
  • Transit delays due to no priority
  • Long crossing distances across traffic for pedestrians

current conditions on Lincoln, with three travel lanes and parking lane 


map of past and future improvement areas on Broadway and Lincoln between Civic Center and I-25 


Take the Design Option Survey!

Review the examples below and give us your feedback. All options have the same benefits and priorities: 

  • increase reliability and efficiency for transit
  • improve safety for all users
  • improve capacity to move people through the corridor during peak travel hours
  • be in effect 7 days a week
  • provide a low-cost, quick and effective improvement