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Colfax Mainstreet Coalition

The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition collaboration among the City and County of Denver, the City of Lakewood, and the Denver Urban Renewal Authority, conducted environmental site assessments and cleanup planning activities at 23 brownfield sites within the 17-mile Colfax Avenue corridor in Denver and Lakewood. Between 2012 and 2015, the Coalition used its EPA brownfields assessment grant funds to conduct environmental assessments of the selected sites to determine presence and extent of potential environmental conditions impacting selected sites within the corridor, shown in figures below, by identifying contaminants, remediation needs, and environmental costs. Through the grant program process, the Coalition was able to identify actual environmental risks and clean-up strategies to encourage reinvestment in sites by removing the uncertainty associated with blighted properties and pave the way for reinvestment.

The Colfax Mainstreet Coalition completed 17 brownfield projects in Denver and six brownfields in Lakewood. The Denver brownfield projects received $700,000 in total grant funding. The average grant expenditure per brownfield site was $41,000; these investments were estimated to help create 1,200 permanent jobs and 367 affordable housing units, among other fiscal and economic benefits.

Colfax Mainstreet Coalition Brownfields Assessment Grant Final Report

Map-based diagram of East Colfax funding type sites


Map-based diagram of West Colfax funding type sites