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State Incentives for Redevelopment of Contaminated Land

The state of Colorado offers financial incentives for cleaning up contaminated land in the form of grants.

House Bill 00-1306 provides for limited state authority to clean up sites where there is no other federal or state program that can accomplish the cleanup.  It authorized $250,000 annually for such cleanup, which is designed first to protect human health and the environment, and also to enhance the redevelopment potential of these properties.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has drafted criteria for use in prioritizing sites for the available cleanup funding.

State Cleanup Program Project Form
Site Prioritization Criteria and Worksheets  

For further information, contact:

Barbara Nabors, Project Contact
888-569-1831, ext. 3393

Marilyn Null, Community Involvement Coordinator
888-569-1831, ext. 3304