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The City Attorney's Office is committed to serving the people of this community by offering resources to victims, information on neighborhood outreach and access to training and events.

Victim Resource Program

The Victim Resource Program provides information and support services to victims of Denver municipal ordinance violations. We work to ensure that all victims have the opportunity to actively participate in the criminal justice process. Our Victim Specialists are eager to assist victims throughout the entire court process, from arraignment through sentencing.

Victim Specialists can help with safety plans, protection orders, address confidentiality, transportation to court, restitution, victims’ compensation, referrals for shelter, food, and counseling, and more.


Contact a Victim Specialist:

(720) 913-8020

Rose Andom Center
1330 Fox Street
Denver, CO 80204
Mon – Fri: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Neighborhood Prosecution

The City Attorney’s Office Neighborhood Prosecution Team (“NPT”) seeks solutions outside the usual “arrest and prosecute” approach to crime. We believe that proactively engaging the community to address crime in the neighborhood, with neighbors, positively impacts the livability of our great City.

Our team members collaborate with the community, law enforcement, and government agencies to address issues affecting the livability of our neighborhoods. People living in Denver want and deserve the highest quality of life in their neighborhoods. Examples of some NPT programs are: leading a Motel Task Force uniting multiple city agencies in a cooperative effort to proactively tackle persistent problem motel properties not just individual crimes; the “Adopt-a-Dumpster” program; partnering with the DPD Homeless Outreach Team to brainstorm solutions to the unique problems that surround the homeless population; and adopting an alley in the Ballpark Neighborhood to help keep it graffiti-free.

For more information, contact Chris Gaddis at (720) 913-8095 or Marley Bordovsky at (720) 913-8057.

Elder Abuse

The Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section has taken a leadership role in the metro-Denver community to better address crimes against older adults. We manage the Denver Forensic Collaborative for At-Risk Adults, offer free trainings across the state on how to better investigate and respond to abuse in later life and co-manage the Denver Hoarding Task Force.

To learn more about how you schedule or attend an upcoming training on elder abuse prevention, e-mail

Courtroom to Classroom

Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section staff are leaders in the classroom offering instruction to Denver 5th graders helping the students to: learn how the criminal justice system works, strengthen their decision-making skills, and gain exposure to the various careers within the criminal justice system.

Training and Events

To schedule a training on:

  • domestic violence,
  • the criminal justice system,
  • abuse in later life,
  • mental health commitments and issues,
  • issues that impact your neighborhood,
  • specific criminal issues (e.g., trespassing or noise violations),
  • other trainings (may be available upon request)

Please contact us at