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CLOSED-RFP Workplace Investigative Services

The Denver City Attorney is seeking the services of a Qualified Pool of sole proprietors, solo-practitioners, companies or law firms (“contractor(s)”) to perform workplace investigations, and any related services, on an as-needed basis.  The City hereby requests Proposals that also describe the contractor’s qualifications to conduct workplace investigations including, but not limited to,

  1. harassment and discrimination,
  2. hostile work environment,
  3. retaliation,
  4. employee/supervisor misconduct,
  5. fiscal and ethics improprieties, and
  6. FLSA issues.

Under the general direction of the City Attorney, through the Supervising Attorney, contractors shall perform workplace investigations, and any related services, including supplying all labor, equipment, supplies, and materials.  Contractors shall:

  1. perform an objective and neutral investigation of each matter;
  2. develop a comprehensive record of allegations and evidence supporting and refuting the allegations in order to enable the City to make informed decisions regarding the matter;
  3. inform each participant of the investigator's purpose in the investigation process, his or her obligation to keep the matter confidential and to be truthful, and of the City’s prohibition against retaliation for initiating or participating in an investigation;
  4. upon the Supervising Attorney's request, submit an Investigation Report including a summary of the procedures followed, details of the information obtained, and recommend findings; and
  5. if necessary, testify in administrative or legal proceedings.

Potential contractors wishing to provide legal services should respond to the posted RFP by submitting a written Proposal setting forth the contractor’s qualifications by February 7, 2020, 5:00 p.m., prevailing Mountain Time.