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The Denver City’s Attorney’s Office is one of the largest law firms in Colorado, with over 120 attorneys and approximately 100 staff members comprised of paralegals, victim advocates, and other support and supervisory staff members. The office is comprised of seven departments that each play a crucial role in daily operations.

  • Manages the City Attorney's Office
  • Supports department efforts
  • Provides leadership for city law
  • Fosters professional development

  • Negotiates collective bargaining agreements
  • Represents the City in employment matters
  • Provides legal counsel to City agencies
  • Prosecutes municipal ordinance violations
  • Assists victims of crime
  • Provides solutions to public nuisances
  • Handles mental health commitments

  • Defends the City in civil lawsuits
  • Provides legal counsel to the Mayor's Office & City Council
  • Provides legal counsel to City agencies

  • Protects children from neglect and abuse
  • Enforces child support
  • Assists incapacitated adults
  • Prosecutes welfare fraud

  • Handles legal aspects of airport business
  • Drafts airport construction contracts
  • Secures financing for airport expansion
  • Defends the airport in litigation

  • Drafts city laws
  • Writes city contracts
  • Negotiates real estate and development
  • Defends environment law