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The Civil Litigation Section defends the City against all claims of alleged wrongdoing in lawsuits filed in federal and state court. Civil lawsuits handled by the Civil Litigation section involve constitutional and civil rights issues, personal injury, and property damage. Our attorneys handle all stages of the litigation process including motions practice, discovery, trials, and appeals.

The Civil Litigation Section also includes the City’s Claims department. The City is self-insured, and all settlements and judgments are paid by City taxpayers. As defenders of the City pocketbook, we analyze each claim to determine liability, including whether the City is immune from liability under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA). We offer fair compensation when the City is liable and will litigate claims when the City is not liable.

We perform many functions, including:

  • Defending the City and its officials and employees in civil lawsuits
  • Providing legal counsel to the Mayor, City Council, and all City agencies and departments
  • Providing intra-agency training regarding legal updates, liability risks, and best practices
  • Investigating and processing claims against the City 


The Denver City Attorney’s Office is not the custodian of records and does not process CORA requests for other agencies or offices of the City and County of Denver. Please send requests for records in the custody of other agencies or offices to them directly. Recorded documents, including approved contracts, may be requested from the Denver Clerk and Recorder. Criminal justice records may be requested pursuant to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (“CCJRA”) directly from the appropriate law enforcement agency (including the Denver Police Department, Denver Sheriff Department, District Attorney’s Office and City Attorney’s Office Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section). The Denver City Attorney's Office accepts CORA requests for records in its custody at

A CORA request received after 3:00pm or any day the agency is officially closed will be considered received on the following working day.

For information regarding fees associated with CORA requests, see C.R.S § 24-72-205(6); City-Wide CORA Fee Policy.