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DIA Exterior at dusk showing passenger dropoff

We are the in-house legal department for Denver International Airport (DEN). We negotiate every real estate deal at the airport, from restaurants in the terminal and concourses, to the construction and opening of the new hotel and rail line. We also negotiated the contract for the Great Hall Redevelopment Project, which aims to enhance security, increase capacity, improve passenger flow, and return the terminal to a passenger oasis. We protect the airport’s finances by securing bonds, litigating against legal claims, and ensuring regulatory compliance with federal, state and local laws. Stapleton is the former site of Denver’s airport and our team is also charged with ensuring legal compliance with the remediation and sale of that site.

  • We ensure all solicitations for commercial enterprise within the airport meet legal requirements
  • We draft all real estate and construction contracts for one of the world’s busiest airports
  • We secure financing and bonding to help usher in the next era of airport expansion
  • We defend the airport against all claims and litigation that may arise
  • We make regulatory compliance a priority to ensure DEN is the safest and most secure transportation hub in the world


PUBLISHED: Airport Cooperative Research Program (PDF)



The Denver City Attorney’s Office is not the custodian of records and does not process CORA requests for other agencies or offices of the City and County of Denver. Please send requests for records in the custody of other agencies or offices to them directly. Recorded documents, including approved contracts, may be requested from the Denver Clerk and Recorder. Criminal justice records may be requested pursuant to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (“CCJRA”) directly from the appropriate law enforcement agency (including the Denver Police Department, Denver Sheriff Department, District Attorney’s Office and City Attorney’s Office Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section). The Denver City Attorney's Office accepts CORA requests for records in its custody at

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For information regarding fees associated with CORA requests, see C.R.S § 24-72-205(6); City-Wide CORA Fee Policy.