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May 15, 2018

Workday Gets a Fresh New Look

The City and County of Denver will update the appearance of Workday June 4, 2018. Twice a year, Workday releases the latest version of their software. This continuous development model allows Workday to rapidly respond to market and customer needs. The city is implementing the new look now, ahead of three new features that will be added later this year: Expenses, Recruiting and Accounts Receivable. Workday’s new look will have minimal impact on Workday users, including those that use it every day. What’s changing? • The home screen of Workday moves away from multi-color buttons known as worklets to icon images called applications, or apps • Inbox items are now displayed on the home page Once implemented, the Workday home screen on a desktop computer will parallel the smartphone and tablet apps. Beyond the home screen update, the new look minimally affects other pages within Workday. You may notice a darker blue header, that was formally a lighter shade of blue.

May 15, 2018

Seattle Scales Back Tax in Face of Amazon’s Revolt, but Tensions Linger

The new “Amazon Tax” will fund affordable housing and homeless services in Seattle, a city whose economic boom, driven in no small part by Amazon, has priced many residents out of the area and forced some onto the streets.



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