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Jul 25, 2019

Anna Jo Garcia Haynes Reflects on Education as a Civil Right for Kids

Anna Jo Garcia Haynes has been Denver’s driving force for early childhood care and education, spending well over 50 years providing visionary leadership to improve the lives of children and families across the state of Colorado.

Jul 24, 2019

Change of Venue for Central 70 Noise Variance Request

Request to be heard at Swansea Recreation Center on Thursday, August 8, at 5:30 p.m. (no change in date/time)

Jul 24, 2019

Notice of Venue Change for Noise Variance Request for Nighttime Work on I-70

Denver’s Board of Public Health & Environment has moved the location of a hearing for a noise variance request for nighttime work on the Central 70 Project. This request will now be heard at the Swansea Recreation Center at 2650 E. 49th Avenue on Thursday, August 8, at 5:30 p.m. The decision to move the location of the meeting to the impacted community was made by the Executive Director of the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE). The Central 70 Project is unprecedented in nature and the expected turnout for public comment during the hearing is high.

Jul 23, 2019

Proposed Update to Rule 10 Regarding Bereavement Leave Eligibility

Proposed updates to Career Service Rule 10 includes gender neutral language and updates who is included for bereavement leave.

Jul 23, 2019

Artists Bring Indigenous POP X, Comic Convention & Culture Fest, to Denver

Kristina and Rafael Maldonado Bad Hand came together over their mutual love of indigenous art and comics. They are helping to put on Denver’s first IndigiPop X, a three-day comic convention and pop culture festival that highlights indigenous artists, actors, creators and fans.


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