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Zoning code amendment to address bright lights

This zoning code amendment would set limits on how bright parking lot lighting can be, particularly at car dealerships and gas stations or when the parking lot is directly adjacent to a low-scale residential zone district.

5 Reasons Why Your Peers Switched to Emailed Log In

Commercial and multifamily building permit log in by email to

Greener construction will be part of Denver’s future

City of Denver

New River Drive Historic District celebrates Jefferson Park’s early days, architectural style

City of Denver

Beloved Community Village Moving to City Property at 4400 N. Pearl St.

Denver will lease city land at 4400 N. Pearl to the Beloved Community Village, a successful pilot transforming lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Zoning updates include permitting online retail sales, modernizing gender language

City of Denver

City Council unanimously approves zoning update targeting "slot homes"

City of Denver