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Denver Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department manages services involving public infrastructure and facilities for residents and businesses in the City and County of Denver.

Mayor Hancock Moves to Reduce Speed Limits in Package of Improvements to Advance Vision Zero Goal

City of Denver

Denver Seeks Public Input on Multimodal Design Elements for Broadway

City of Denver

W. 13th Ave. Feasibility Study | Current Projects | Policy and Planning | Denver Public Works

The Decatur-Federal Station Area Plan identifies W. 13th Ave. as a transformative project to better connect Sun Valley, the Decatur-Federal Station, adjacent neighborhoods and downtown. The Decatur-Federal Station Area Plan recommends a design for W. 13th Ave that accommodates cyclists, ...

Speer Leetsdale Mobility Study | Current Projects | Policy and Planning | Denver Public Works

Go Speer Leetsdale will examine transportation connectivity and operational needs for all modes of travel within the Speer/Leetsdale Corridor, roughly defined by Broadway to the west, Mississippi Avenue to the east and also considers connections approximately a half mile in either direction of ...

19th & 20th Avenues Conversion

19th Avenue and 20th Avenue will be converted to two-way streets between Broadway and Park; Grant and Logan streets will also be converted to two-way operation between 18th and 20th.

$193 Million Now Available for Initial Elevate Denver Bond Program Project List

City of Denver

City Uncovers Misconduct In Convention Center Bidding Process, Terminates Contracts

City of Denver

City Readies for First Projects of the 2017 GO Bond

City of Denver

Denver, Transportation Solutions, Cherry Creek Business Community & Chariot Pilot New On-Demand Shuttle Service

City of Denver