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Everyone Has a Limit - Employee Struggles and Challenges

Behind the badge, there's a human being who is vulnerable to financial burdens, divorce, suicide, relationship challenges, childcare needs, care-taking of aging parents, cancer, alcohol and substance addiction, and many other struggles just like they those found in many of our communities.

Going to the Vehicle Impound Lot? Read This First...

You might find yourself searching

History in the Making: Female Firsts in Law Enforcement

In honor of National Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we're tipping our hats to two women who helped pave the way for women in law enforcement, particularly in Colorado.

Our K9 Unit Receives Bullet- and Stab-Protective Vests

There are plenty of potentially harmful situations that our K9s may encounter on a regular basis and their safety is of utmost importance, as is the safety of all officers in our community. They are better protected now that they’ve received ballistic vests from Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.

New Beginnings - Nova Scotia Works Security

His name is Nova (Nova Scotia in full)–he's assigned to the property building, on the same lot as the vehicle impound. Nova works security, keeping mice and other nuisances from migrating over from the tire recycling business next door. A Lynx Point Siamese with beautiful markings, this rescued ...

Mayor Hancock Launches Public Integrity Division

City of Denver

Bodycams and Civil Processes: Why We Wear Them

Apart from a bulletproof vest, deputies working for the Civil Unit wear Axon body cameras. Entering someone’s home uninvited is awkward, but also potentially dangerous. A wearable body camera plays a part in everyone's safety.

Breakfast with Santa - The Return of the Big Man in Blue

In addition to just having fun, Breakfast with Santa brings families together to share holiday cheer and reflect on what we mean to one another. I remember going to this event with my own family when I was a young child. Now, as an adult, I see it differently.

Boxing News: Teaming Up in the Arena for a Cause

Did you know that the Denver Sheriff Department has a boxing team? It's true! And, the goal with these tournaments is to make a difference by giving to those in need.

Denver Public Schools Bring Public Safety to the Students

Denver Sheriff Department members recently participated in the Denver Public Schools CareerConnect event, an outstanding workshop that provides early exposure to thousands of career options for students. Here's more on that...