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  • Fire Assistant Master Mechanic:  The Application is OPEN
    Click here to read full Job Description.
  • Police Officer Applicants: The application is currently CLOSED. 
    The written / video test dates are March 9th, 2020, through March 19th, 2020, and the test days are Monday through Friday, and the test times are 0730 and 1230 MST.  If you are successful with the video test, you will begin the primary application process leading up to the Denver Police Academy starting on November 9th, 2020.   
    For more information visit: Becoming A Police Officer
  • In State and Out of State Lateral Police testing: 
                     The In State application is currently Closed.
                     The Out of State application is currently Closed.
     For more information visit: Lateral Police Officer
  • Firefighter Applicants: The application is currently Closed.
    For more information visit: Becoming A Firefighter
  • Lateral Firefighter: The application is currently Closed
    For more information visit: Lateral Firefighter
  • Fire Systems Technical Specialist: The application is currently Closed.
  • Fire Mechanic: The application is currently Closed.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): The application is currently Closed.
            Click here to read the full Job Classification for EMT

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