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Citywide Sustainability Policy


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In 2013 the Office of Sustainability was initially created through Executive Order 123 by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, as a successor to Mayor John Hickenlooper’s Greenprint Denver Office. The mission of the Office, as described in Executive Order 123, is “to provide leadership, guidance, and coordination to city agencies to implement its pursuit of sustainability,” with oversight on several subject areas, as noted by chapters in the document. Each chapter, as laid out, sets the standards for those subject areas within the City & County of Denver operations. 

Executive order 123

The Office of Sustainability is currently going through the process of updating its executive order in conjunction with other city agencies, but a link to the document as it stands now can be found below. 

Greenprint Construction Forms

Executive Order 123 requires all city construction (horizontal and vertical) to be built to a minimum sustainability standard as called for in the Greenprint Denver construction forms, which can be found below.


Make A Commitment To Action

Is your organization a sustainability leader or does it want to be? Do you want to help make Denver an even more sustainable place to live, work, and play in?

Show it by making a commitment to sustainable action on behalf of your organization today.


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