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  • What you buy matters. Need a new lightbulb? Switching from traditional lightbulbs to LEDs is the fastest, most cost-effective way to reduce your energy use. ENERGY STAR certified lightbulbs use about 70-90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, last 10 to 25 times longer and save $30 to $80 in electricity costs over their lifetime.
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances use 10-50% less energy and water than traditional appliances. Check out to find refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances that meet ENERGY STAR® standards and can help you save money on your energy and water bills.
  • On average, produce travels 1,500 miles before you buy it. The closer your food, the fresher, tastier, and more nutritious it is. Farmers’ Markets across the city and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are convenient and delicious ways to buy local. You can also look for the Colorado Proud logo at your local grocery store. Find your nearest Farmers’ Market on Pocketgov.
  • No food is fresher, tastier, or more nutritious than the food you grow yourself. Local organizations like Re:Vision and The Growhaus offer classes and resources to help you get started and Denver Urban Gardens can help you reserve a plot at a nearby community garden. You can also sell extra produce to your neighbors.
  • Eat less meat and dairy. You can drastically reduce your environmental footprint by choosing to have more plant-based meals. Take it meal-by-meal and see what you can do.
  • Reduce your food waste by meal planning and only buying what you need. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves you money.
  • Walking is great for your health and the environment. Walk2Connect works with individuals and organizations to transform walking from a choice to behavior to a lifestyle by offering a range of walking trips throughout the state.
  • Bike around town. It’s good for you and the environment. Plus with dockless bike companies, you don't even need to own your own bike. Scooters can be a great alternative to getting around town too.
  • My Way to Go has reliable, easy, environmentally-friendly, no-nonsense commuting options. They can help you save money, experience less stress, and save time, so that you can focus more on the things you enjoy.
  • Travel by bus or light rail with RTD
  • Eat, drink, and shop at our Certifiably Green Denver businesses. The program provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver’s business community. The program helps businesses find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental liability through pollution prevention.
  • Encourage the businesses you request to join the Certifiably Green Denver program.
  • Go Solar through the Denver Solar Co-op
  • Community solar gardens are a great option for those who either can’t or don’t want to put solar panels on their homes.
  • Purchase clean, affordable, renewable energy through the Xcel Energy Windsource program
  • Learn how you can help protect your ash and our urban canopy by identifying, treating and replacing Denver’s ash trees.
  • Don’t have an ash but still interested in planting a tree? After all, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to improve Denver’s air quality, increase property value, encourage neighborhood revitalization, and cool streets, sidewalks, and homes. Learn more and apply for free and low-cost trees at Denver Digs Trees.
  • See if your neighborhood is part of the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program and join in the community to deepen your sustainability expertise and meet some new friends.

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