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Make a Commitment to Action

Thank you for considering making a commitment on behalf of your organization to help Denver become more sustainable.

Commitments are made by completing the Online Commitment Form, below or by submitting the form via e-mail to

Have Questions?

If you have questions about how to make a commitment or need help filling out the Commitment Form, please feel free to contact us at

Program Details

A commitment must:

  • Be submitted through the commitment form or emailed, with all questions answered.
  • Describe an action that the organization or group of organizations making the commitment will undertake.
  • Be a new action, or an improvement on existing actions (e.g. bigger, faster, etc.).
  • Start in the year the commitment is made and take no longer than two years.
  • Help Denver achieve its 2020 Sustainability Goals, or become more sustainable in other ways.

Please note: a promise to develop a plan, by itself, does not constitute a commitment, but a promise to implement or provide material support to implementing a plan does.

Take a look at our Commitments to Action page if you need some help coming up with an idea for a commitment or want to see what other organizations have committed to in the past.

A great commitment that comes with free professional help to make your business more sustainable is committing to get certified through our Certifiably Green Denver program.

  1. Once you've made a commitment to action on behalf of your organization or a group of organizations the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (OCASR) will look it over to determine if it meets the requirements for a commitment. If it does not,  OCASR will reach out to let you know this and offer to work with you to develop one that does. If it does meet the requirements OCASR will reach out to thank you for your commitment and offer to help connect you with partners or resources to assist you in completing the commitment.
  2. OCASR will then add you to the Commitments to Action page and, if desired, announce the commitment on the OCASR social media channels.
  3. If OCASR sees this commitment to action as high-impact there is also a potential opportunity to do a joint press release.