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Pass Gas.

Drive Electric.


When it comes to electric vehicles,

Denver is ready for action.

Reduce emissions. Save money. Breathe cleaner air. These are great reasons to pass gas — switch from a traditional gas engine to a plug-in electric vehicle (EV) — and the City of Denver has an action plan to make the transition efficient and beneficial for the entire Denver community.

With a plug-in EV, you get powerful torque, zero tailpipe emissions, and a quiet ride, with no gas necessary! A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), which has both an electric motor and a gas engine, can also be a great option for anyone concerned about EV range. 

How to pass gas?

Walking and biking are the cleanest options, but if you need a car, choose an EV. With more than 40 models available from a variety of manufacturers, passing gas is easier than ever. 

How will Denver do it?

With input from a broad range of community, government, and business leaders, the city has developed the Denver Electric Vehicle Action Plan to bolster EV charging infrastructure, drive community awareness, facilitate EV adoption, and support EV services and innovation. 



Download the plan now to see how it works and how you can take part. Also sign up for our newsletter to read about the latest developments in Denver’s mission to increase EV adoption. 


Financial incentives, high performance, low emissions, and a wide variety of models: See why Denver drivers love the EV experience.

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It’s the green and cost-effective choice. Learn more about the benefits of EVs over traditional gas cars.

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EVs are on the move in Denver. Sign up for our EV Newsletter to keep up with the latest developments in our action plan.

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Charging Station Stations Map

EV drivers charge their vehicles at home nearly 80 percent of the time, but with more than 2,000 public charging plugs currently available throughout Colorado, and nearly 400 in Denver alone, it’s easier than ever to charge on the go.



  • Mobility Action Plan:
    Read the Mayor’s vision for transforming Denver’s transportation system.
  • Denver Smart City:
    EVs are a big part of Denver’s holistic Smart City Program.
  • 80 x 50:
    EVs are needed for Denver to reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050.
  • Sustainability 2020 Goals:
    Explore the goals Denver has set across the sustainability spectrum.





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