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Pass Gas.

Drive Electric.


When it comes to electric vehicles, Denver is ready for action.

Reduce emissions. Save money. Breathe cleaner air. These are great reasons to pass gas - switch from a traditional gas engine to a plug-in electric vehicle (EV) - and the City of Denver has an action plan to make the transition efficient and beneficial for the entire Denver community.

With a plug-in EV, you get powerful torque, zero tailpipe emissions, and a quiet ride, with no gas necessary! A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), which has both an electric motor and a gas engine, can also be a great option for anyone concerned about EV range.

How to pass gas?

Walking and biking are the cleanest options, but if you need a car, choose an EV. With more than 40 models available from a variety of manufacturers, passing gas is easier than ever.

How will Denver do it?

By listening to you! With input from a broad range of community, government, and business leaders, the city has developed the Denver Electric Vehicle Action Plan to bolster EV charging infrastructure, drive community awareness, facilitate EV adoption, and support EV services and innovation.

Download the plan now to see how it works and how you can take part.


Download the plan now to see how it works and how you can take part. Also sign up for our newsletter to read about the latest developments in Denver’s mission to increase EV adoption. 

Check out the status of current EV projects that are planned, underway, or recently completed.


Which Gas Passer Are You?

Get the right information for you! Denver's EV plans are designed to serve the entire community, from residents and neighborhoods to businesses of any size, as well as City employees. Below you'll find work that Denver has done to assist each group, as well as helpful external sources.


I live in the Denver community


I'm a Denver resident who wants to pass gas, save money, help clean the environment, and learn more about the EV driving experience.


I'm a decision-maker for a business or property

I have decision making authority about how my company or multi-unit dwelling passes gas. I'd like to learn more about the business implications (fleets, charging infrastructure) and environmental and community impact of adopting EVs.


I'm an employee of a company

I work for a company that would benefit from passing gas, and I'd like to learn how to make them aware of the value of EVs, charging, and positive impacts.



I work for the City/County of Denver

The City and County of Denver wants to practice what we preach and lead the way in passing gas. As a Denver employee, I want to promote EV adoption in the government and the community.


We want to hear from you!

Do you have questions or feedback about City EV charging in your area? Do you want to join us as an EV partner or ambassador for your community? Let us know here!