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The differences between workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, and fleets

Denver understands that for EV adoption to flourish, organizations will need to provide access to EV charging stations. For businesses in general, that means providing charging stations sufficient for their EV-driving employees. For multi-unit dwellings (MUDs, such as condos or apartments), property owners and managers will want to support their EV-driving tenants. For businesses with EV fleets, they'll need infrastructure to charge vehicles at the necessary scale.


Here are a few resources that will be useful for most businesses and properties:


Charging station decision guide

Learn about "Best Practices for Electric Vehicle Charger Selection, Installation, and Operation" from Charge Ahead Colorado.


Denver permitting guide

Nearly all charging stations at commercial and multi-unit dwelling properties will need an electrical permit with engineered plans. Learn about the permitting process and requirements for installing EV infrastructure.


Your Recharge Coach

ReCharge Colorado Coaches provide coaching services for EV adoption and infrastructure development in every county in the state.



Funding information

Learn about financial support for electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations available from Charge Ahead Colorado.


Power and energy calculation guide

Coming soon!



Why charging stations are good for business

By providing workplace charging stations, employers can help increase the feasibility and affordability of EVs for their employees. Workplace charging helps attract and retain talent, demonstrates leadership, supports the community, and can provide convenience for customers, among many other benefits.


List of local business ambassadors

Coming soon!


Workplace handbook

Check out the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook with detailed information for workplace charging hosts. For examples of Colorado businesses with EVs and charging, check out this fact sheet from local non-profit SWEEP.


Sample employee interest survey

Use your own version of this sample survey to determine employee interest in charging infrastructure at the workplace.



Benefits for MUDs

As an owner or manager of a multi-unit dwelling (MUD, such as an apartment or condo), you want to provide value for your existing and potential tenants. Electric vehicle charging services are a great way to add value to your property. Every MUD will have its own advantages, limitations, and challenges, but supporting EVs will pay off in tenant satisfaction and a more pleasant, environmentally sustainable community.


Information for MUDs

For case studies and more, visit the Electric Vehicle Charging for Multi-Unit Dwellings page of the Alternative Fuels Data Center.


Why MUD charging is a good idea

For building owners and managers, see how EV charging works as a value-added service.


Metering and billing decision guide for MUD

This metering and systems payment table can help inform your implementation decisions.



How to transition to electric fleets

One of the best ways organizations can help promote energy savings and a cleaner environment is to transition their fleets of traditional cars, trucks, and vans to EVs. Different organizations will have different needs, so we've compiled a list of wide-ranging resources to help make the process smoother.


Xcel Energy Fleet Electrification Advisory Program (FEAP)

Coming soon!


Medium and Heavy-Duty Fleets

The ALT Fuels Colorado program offers grants for medium and heavy-duty electric trucks. In addition, view the Clean Trucking Strategy put forward by Colorado state agencies.


Fleet handbook

Read the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook with detailed information for fleet managers.


Colorado EV tax credits in depth

Do you have questions about the Colorado Electric Vehicle Tax Credit? The Colorado Energy Office has answers in its guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credits.


DIY calculators

These fuel and emissions calculators from Argonne National Laboratory, PlugStar, and the Alternative Fuels Data Center help you compute fleet EV ownership costs.


More ways to support your transition

Once you've deployed EVs for your business, you'll want to work with your employees to get the most value from the new vehicles and infrastructure.


After you've installed worksite charging stations, you'll want to educate your employees on this great benefit. This PEV Outreach Resources guide offers tools, tips, and networks to support employers.


The City of Denver wants strong partnerships with businesses and regional organizations to accelerate EV adoption and charging infrastructure. If you have expertise in these areas, join our cause!