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City & County of Denver Employees



I work for the City & County of Denver (CCD)

As a CCD government employee, you are in an ideal position to promote EVs and help the city implement its EV Action Plan. Take advantage of the following resources to get the benefits of EV driving for yourself, your department, and the public:


Survey to baseline knowledge

Coming soon!


Take-Home EV Program

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Rental Page

If you need to rent a car for CCO-related travel, make sure it's an EV to help keep the environment clean. See the City Rental Vehicle page for details.


Material for supervisors to educate team

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Idea Box

Coming soon!


Map of Free City Chargers

Ideal for residents and government employees alike, free charging is the ultimate way to start saving money with your EV. See our map of city-operated charging stations.



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The City of Denver wants to educate people on how to promote EVs in their communities. Want to get involved? Learn more about the city's EV Action plan and join our cause!