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Why are EVs good for the community?

EVs make good economic and environmental sense for the people of Denver, and the City wants EV ownership to be a great experience. We're making a special effort to bring the benefits of EVs to communities as a whole and areas where EVs can complement public transportation. This includes encouraging broad EV adoption and expanding charging infrastructure.


EVs are a great way to save money. Did you know Colorado is the most affordable state in the country to buy an EV? Owners can take advantage of up to $10,000 in credits off most cars with a plug, and electricity is less than half the cost of gasoline. Passing gas can save you money today and tomorrow.

EVs fight air pollution and climate change. From the power plant to the plug, electric vehicles in Denver help reduce harmful air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Shrink your contribution to climate change and help improve the air we breathe by passing gas and driving electric.

EVs are convenient. Did you know that you don't need any special equipment to charge an EV at your home? Nearly all EV or PHEV models come with a cord that can be plugged straight into a 11Ov wall outlet. This type of charging overnight can fuel most people's daily commute without needing to ever visit a gas station!



New to EVs? Watch this video for a quick introduction to the practical benefits of EVs. For a more detailed introduction, read the EV consumer handbook from the US Department of Energy.


Community Events

Learn how to attend or organize an event during National Drive Electric Week, a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in vehicles, September 26 to October 4, 2020.


Clean Mobility

Emissions from the transportation sector are the leading source of air pollution. Learn more about sustainable transportation and mobility in Denver


Ownership Cost Calculator

Ready to save money by passing gas? Calculate the total cost of ownership of EVs with the Vehicle Cost Calculator  at the Alternative Fuels Data Center and the Compare Cars page from PlugStar.


Dealer's List

The number of places to buy an EV is growing faster than ever. Use the Find Electric Car Dealers page from PlugStar to locate a qualified dealer near you.


Used EV Buyer's Guide

What should you look for when searching for a used EV? The Used Electric Vehicle Buyer's Guide from Plug In America is loaded with advice and information.


Charging Options

You’ve decided to pass gas. Now learn about at-home charging options from Xcel Energy. Many EV owners are able to plug into a regular outlet in their garage to charge. Find on-the-go charging station near you from PlugShare or the Alternative Fuels Data Center.


City Electrical Permitting

If you’ve decided to install a Level 2 station or higher at your home, you may need to complete an electrical permit with the City. Visit our electrical permit guidelines and be sure that your chosen electrician is familiar with the process and rules listed there as well.


Find a place to plug in your electric vehicle with PlugShare's database of over 300,000 charging stations.


The City of Denver wants to educate residents to become EV ambassadors in their community. Want to get involved? Join us in our EV efforts.


With so many EV models available, choosing your favorite can be tough. Take a look at the big selection of EV models.