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Get your employer or small business involved

Whether you commute to work in an EV or see an opportunity for your employer to switch to EVs for its own vehicles, we have resources to help you make the case for electric. It's a great way to get involved and make a difference for yourself, your company, and your community.

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Guide for Employees

Learn the value of workplace charging, how to crunch the numbers, and how to demonstrate the EV business case, all from


Host an EV event at your workplace

Hosting a ride and drive can be a great way to meet other EV drivers at your workplace and help your coworkers and bosses learn about them. Find some hosting tips and how to host as part of Drive Electric Week.


Sample documents to take to your employer

Coming soon!


More ways to get involved

If your employer is interested in offering progressive commute options, Way to Go is here to help, at no charge. And if you want to promote EVs beyond the workplace, learn how you can make a difference for your community at large.


Way to Go is a regional partnership that works to reduce traffic and improve air quality. While there, you can connect with other commuters that carpool or take mass transit together.


The City of Denver wants to educate people on how to promote EVs in their communities. Want to get involved? Learn more about the city's EV Action plan and join our cause!