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Resource Library



The Neighborhood Resource Library showcases how neighborhoods can and do Love This Place! The Library is a pilot project of the City and County of Denver’s Sustainability Advisory Council “Sustainability as a Core Public Value” subcommittee and is supported by the Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency and the Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods program. The Library is a truly grassroots effort of an ever-growing database of resources created by Denver neighborhoods for Denver neighborhoods.

This pilot Library draws upon the experiences and expertise of resident-leaders participating in Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhoods program. The Library includes stories, advice, guides, and more from your neighbors  who have organized events and workshops, completed projects, and worked to increase awareness and action around sustainability at the community level. These resources are applicable to any resident or neighborhood group who holds sustainability as a personal or community value.

The intent of the Neighborhood Resource Library is to help neighborhoods share successful projects with other neighborhoods in a do-it-yourself format that helps them get started quicker than they could on their own while avoiding reinventing the wheel. The Library is a gathering of suggestions that can help us all to learn from the challenges faced by other neighborhood efforts, build upon the successes, and connect neighborhood groups to multiply and strengthen our collective efforts.

New resource submissions and requests are welcome from neighborhood groups and those working at the neighborhood level. In the future we hope to expand the Library to reach additional audiences and provide new types of resources.

Please note that these are suggested resources developed by fellow community members, not the CIty & County. The City & County of Denver is not responsible for any outcomes from using these resources or the information contained within them.


Explore what projects and ideas you can use for your own neighborhood. Please note that some may fall into multiple areas. Resources will denote what type in parathesis (i.e. pdf, video, guide, story, etc.).