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At Denver Community Planning and Development, we envision, enable and ensure a better Denver.

ENVISION. Planning Services staff work with Denver’s communities to prepare plans — as well as regulations for land use and design — that guide the city’s growth, enhancement and preservation.

ENABLE. Development Services staff review plans and issue permits for development projects big and small — from do-it-yourself home improvements to large commercial developments. They green light projects while ensuring compliance with building, fire and zoning codes.

ENSURE. Development Services staff inspect projects for compliance with the building code and zoning code. Their work helps to ensure life-safety and quality-of-life standards, now and in the future. 

Community Planning and Development provides Denver:

Strong Partnerships:  We work closely with public, private and nonprofit partners like registered neighborhood organizations, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, City Council, the Downtown Denver Partnership, the Denver Housing Authority, Regional Transportation District (RTD), Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA), Historic Denver, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), and many more. 

Clear Regulations: We provide a framework for private investment through clear rules contained in general development plans, zoning, urban design standards & guidelines, and historic structure and district designations.

Infrastructure Priorities: Blueprint Denver calls for a balanced, multi-modal transportation system, land use that accommodates future growth, and open space throughout the city. Adopted plans help identify infrastructure needs, and help guide the city in prioritizing some of these projects with future development in mind.

Investment in Denver: Plans are essential building blocks for the future of our community. Adopted plans provide a vision that helps attract private investment by setting the stage for sustainable development, and channeling growth where it will be beneficial. Denver’s form and context-based zoning code is a comprehensive tool that translates this vision citywide.

History of Community Planning and Development

Community Planning and Development was established in a city charter. 


Community Planning and Development works with several independent boards comprised of mayoral appointees that help shape, regulate and protect Denver’s built environment.


Laura Aldrete
Executive Director, Community Planning and Development

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