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Inspection Process for Verifying Ratios

Please be aware that, on any construction inspection in Denver, a Community Planning and Development (CPD) inspector or other staff member may review the number of apprentices and electricians to ensure compliance with both the Denver Building and Fire Code and the Colorado Revised Statutes Sections 12-23-105 and 12-23-110.5. 

Job sites in Denver may not exceed a ratio of three apprentices to one journeyman or master electrician.

Every CPD inspector or staff member has the authority to ask any person on a job site appearing to do electrical work to provide their license information. Appropriate documentation can be either a physical copy of an apprenticeship registration or license card or an electronic copy along with a valid driver’s license. Should the person not be able to provide that evidence, the CPD inspector or staff member will take their name.

CPD may request documentation from all individuals on site to confirm compliance with the required ratio of apprentices to electricians working on a job site. If the site does not meet the correct ratio, the inspector will issue a "stop work order" for the electrical permit.

If you have received a stop work order:

Immediately cease all electrical work onsite and contact Denver's Building Inspections group. Request to speak with the Building Official to discuss the appropriate course of action moving forward as outlined in Denver Building and Fire Code Section 127.


Denver Building and Fire Code

Visit the building codes webpage to access the Denver Building and Fire Code, our adopted national and international codes, and all building department policy documents (which clarify certain code sections).