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License Renewals

Contractor licenses must be renewed every three years. Expiration dates appear on each license and are listed on the city's licensed contractor search page.

Right-of-way licenses must be renewed annually. A current copy of your ROW certificate of liability insurance is required.

Electrical licenses must be renewed every three years (within 30 days of expiration of the state electrical contractor card). There is no cost for electrical license renewal. A current state electrical contractor card is required.

Plumbing licenses must be renewed every two years (within 30 days of expiration of the state plumbing contractor card). A current state plumbing contractor card is required. 

Dumpster licenses must be renewed every three years. 

Documents needed to renew:

  • Current photo identification (state ID, passport, etc.) for the person applying
  • A current periodic report or trade name registration 
  • Current copy of your state fire protection certificate, Colorado contractor's card, Colorado master's license, or ROW certificate of liability insurance (as applicable)
  • If the licensed business name/information has changed, submit these Secretary of State documents
  • If owners/officers of the licensed business have changed, submit a notarized letter or meeting minutes on company letterhead, signed by an existing owner/officer, that lists the new officers, or a copy of a buyout agreement

Renew online

For 30 days before your license expires, you can renew online. If both your certificate and license are expiring, renew the certificate first, and then the license.

  1. Register for a free, online account.
  2. Use the "My Account" function to add your license number to your account.
  3. Then use the "Contractor Licensing" functions to renew your license.

Need help? Download a tutorial.

Please note: A license or certificate that has passed the expiration date must be submitted in person or by mail. 


Renew in person or by mail

  • Licensing/renewal fees
    • Do not combine certificate and license renewal fees. Use separate checks. Check or money order should be made payable to “Manager of Finance” and include the license number being renewed.

Mail or bring the completed form, documents, and payment to:

Community Planning and Development
Contractor Licensing
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 205
Denver, CO 80202


Important information

License renewals will only be approved one month prior to expiration and no more than one year after expiration of the license.

If the supervisor certificate and the license are expiring around the same time, renew the certificate first. It must be valid before the license can be renewed. If mailing payments and applications forms for both renewals, make sure to use separate checks for the certificate renewal and the license renewal. Do not combine fees into one payment.

When submitting a renewal:

For payments by check, the checking account must be in the exact name listed on the contractor's license. Renewals received with payment by another company or individual will be returned to be processed as a “Change of Name/Entity.”

License cards can be mailed or released only to owners or officers of a company. A third party will require written authorization with an owner/officer signature and date in order to have the license card released to them.

Address, phone number and email address changes must be submitted in writing with an owner/officer signature and date. It is a mandatory requirement to have current address and telephone contact information on file with the department at all times.

If the license has been expired for more than one year, the license holder must apply to be reinstated, completing a new license application and submitting supporting documents as required for a new license. Once reinstated, your license number can stay the same.