Design Guidelines Update

New Design Review Improvements

Denver's Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) is slated to hold a public hearing October 6 to establish rules on:

  • the two-step design review process for infill construction
  • pre-application requirements for design review projects
  • registered neighborhood organization coordination requirements for large projects.

During the same meeting, the commission will consider a new customer guide, application form and checklist for design review of infill projects.

The proposed changes are designed to increased transparency and clarify expectations for customers, property owners, neighborhoods and other interested parties. They will also help ensure LPC does careful review of major improvements in historic districts and on historic landmarks, and has the information it needs to protect these treasured historic properties.

Interested parties can discuss the changes with with landmark preservation staff during designated project office hours (see column at right), provide written comments by September 21, and/or attend the public hearing on October 6.

To review the changes click on the links below:

Design Guidelines

In 2014, the City and County of Denver updated the design guidelines used to evaluate building projects for local landmarks and properties within the boundaries of designated historic districts. The guidelines help ensure that each proposed project preserves key historic features and is compatible with the character of designated historic buildings, sites and districts. 

To download the Denver Design Guidelines document in its entirety, click here. See below for chapter-by-chapter listing.

Character defining features for the following districts will be completed in 2015:

  • Witter-Cofiled
  • Wyman
  • East 7th Ave.
  • Montclair
  • Larimer Square
  • Ballpark
  • Alamo Placita
  • Driving Park
  • Lafayette Street
  • Old Highland Business District
  • Swallow Hill
  • Humboldt Street-Park Ave.
  • Quality Hill
  • Pennsylvania Street
  • Sherman-Grant
  • Humboldt Street
  • Snell Subdivision
  • 9th Street Park
  • Morgan’s Subdivision
  • Grant Street
  • Clayton College
  • Lowry Technical Training Center
  • Lowry Officer’s Row
  • DeBoer
  • Florence F. Martin Ranch
  • Country Club
Contact Us

Landmark Preservation Office:

Key Dates

September 9 - Project Office Hours,3:30 to 5 p.m., Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 1.D.1,

September 11 - Project Office Hours,7:30 - 9 a.m., Same location as above

September 15 - LPC Meeting, 1 p.m., Webb Municipal Building, Room 4.F.6, NOTE: Staff presentation and LPC Discussion only; no public hearing; staff report (PDF)

September 21 - Public Comments Due, Please email comments, mail c/o Denver Landmark Preservation, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept 205, Denver CO 80202 or drop off at Records Counter on second floor of Webb Municipal Building

October 6 - LPC Public Hearing, 1 p.m., Webb Municipal Building, Room 4.F.6, LPC Public Hearing on Rules: Public Notice (PDF), LPC Consideration of Infill construction Customer Guide/Application, Possible LPC Adoption
-Staff report (PDF)

October 20 - LPC Meeting, 1 p.m.,Webb Municipal Building, Room 4.F.6, Possible LPC Adoption (if item is continued from October 6)

December 1 - Effective Date of New Rules and Infill Construction Customer Guide/Application