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Five Points Historic Cultural District Update

On March 23, 2015, City Council approved an ordinance to rename the Welton Street Commercial Corridor Cultural District to the Five Points Historic Cultural District, based on the community's request. The ordinance also changed the historic district's "period of significance" and added two "contributing properties."

Read the updated district designation (PDF)

Five Points Design Guidelines

With an eye on the past and the future, the City and County of Denver is creating design guidelines for the Five Points Historic Cultural District (formerly the Welton Street Commercial Corridor Cultural District), an approximately six-block area in North Denver that has long been a focal point of the city’s African-American cultural history.

The Denver City Council designated the corridor a historic district in 2002, which means that the Landmark Preservation Commission reviews designs for all exterior alterations that require a city permit, additions and new construction in the district. The district's custom guidelines will establish design review guidelines that are similar to the city-wide guidelines that apply to historic landmarks and districts across the city, but that specifically address Five Points' unique needs.

The guidelines will serve as a how-to resource for property owners and developers, with the goal of highlighting and preserving Five Points' special place in Denver’s history and stimulating redevelopment.

Identifying Culturally Significant Structures

City staff will be soliciting input from property owners, community members and other stakeholders not only on the guidelines, but also on identifying specific properties in the district that contribute to Five Points' African-American history. 

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Why Five Points Is Special

The Five Points Historic Cultural District is the only district in Denver that was designated historic based on its history and geography, and not on its architectural merits. Unlike other historic districts, this corridor has substantial vacant land and redevelopment opportunities. 


Customized design guidelines can ensure that new construction projects meet the area’s unique redevelopment needs and priorities while respecting its cultural heritage.

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