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My Favorite Place in Denver

What's Your Favorite Place in Denver?

More importantly — why?

Denver’s urban environment is brimming with unique spaces, historic buildings, pocket parks, street art, courtyards, etc. Share with us your favorite place in Denver by posting a photo or video with the hashtag #favoriteplacedenver. We'll retweet and share some of your favorite places.  

It's an opportunity to shout from the rooftop what you love about your favorite rooftop — or plaza, street, park, alley, patio, etc. There’s no right or wrong answer. The intent is simply to kick-start a wide-open Denver love-fest to foster civic pride and learn from each other how we can make our beloved city even better. Let’s get our community talking about what matters to us in placemaking!

A few lucky participants will be randomly selected to win tickets to a Red Rocks concert, thanks to Denver Arts and Venues.*


About "My Favorite Place in Denver"

Why Ask About Favorite Places?
Upon taking the reins as the new executive director of Denver Community Planning and Development earlier this year, Brad Buchanan was struck by the need to engage Denver residents in a positive, open, citywide dialogue about what’s important to them when it comes to city building. 

“Cities are not just a collection of places. Cities are a collection of experiences,” Buchanan said. “We want to know what matters to Denverites, so that they can help us make the places … that make the experiences … that make a city.” 

Why Should I Participate?
It's a chance to share with others what you think is important in building a city. What's more, your favorite place could help the city’s planning department better understand the community we’re serving as we work together on building our city.

(Plus, a few lucky participants will be randomly selected to win tickets to a Red Rocks concert, thanks to Denver Arts and Venues.)

What Happens for the Place that Gets the Most Mentions?
We’re not ranking places, though we'll look for trends and share overall results after the campaign ends! 

How Long Does "My Favorite Place in Denver" Last?
The social media campaign will go through the end of September.

Questions? Contact us at

*Subject to availability


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