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50 Years of Landmark Preservation in Denver

Image of logo of Denver Landmark Preservation's 50th AnniversaryDenver’s Landmark Preservation program was born March 6, 1967, when a city ordinance was adopted to protect and enhance buildings with historical, architectural and geographic significance. In the 50 years since, the program has helped ensure the longevity and use of the city's historic and architectural treasures, by allowing the people of Denver to designate more than 300 individual landmarks and 52 historic districts, and by supporting countless property owners and residents working to maintain their historic properties. In doing so, Landmark Preservation helps preserve the well-loved character of the city and its neighborhoods.

The intention of Denver's preservation program is not to freeze buildings in time, but to facilitate their use, so that landmark and historic district properties don't become relics, and instead remain active places vital to the fabric of the city well into the future. Indeed, all Denver landmarks and districts provide a link to our past through their past owners, memorable events and architectural variety. They enrich our community by conveying a sense of continuity, identity and place, and they add architectural variety to the cityscape.

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