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Affordable Housing Fee in Effect

Link to Affordable Housing Fee ApplicationNew application required for every building permit at log-in

As of January 1, new development in Denver is subject to a fee ranging from $0.40 to $1.70/sq. ft., depending on project type. This money is earmarked by a city ordinance to support affordable housing development and preservation. 

  • Every applicant for a building permit MUST include an affordable housing fee application with their submittal package at log-in. This application form is not required for projects eligible for a same-day, walk-through review.

Visit to view the fee schedule and learn about applicability and exceptions.

Guidance for Site Development Plan (SDP) Projects

Commercial and multifamily projects currently undergoing site development plan review may become subject to the fee if there are major changes requiring a resubmittal. An SDP concept that has "major changes" requiring a new SDP submittal (a resubmittal) after January 1 is considered a new project and will become subject to the fee. Visit the SDP webpage for a detailed list of what conditions and impacts were considered "major changes" after January 1.