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The Green Roof Initiative and Your Project

Green Roof on the EPA's Region 8 Headquarters in DenverOn November 7, Denver voters passed the Green Roof Initiative ("Initiative 300"), which has an effective date of January 1, 2018. 

Read the text of the initiative, as passed by voters (PDF).

After January 1, the green roof requirement will apply to any new building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or more or a building addition that causes the building to become 25,000 square feet or more, and any existing building over 25,000 square feet that is seeking to do a roof replacement. 

Green roofs were already possible in Denver, and Community Planning and Development is working to harmonize existing laws and policies with this new law, and to build its requirements into our permitting and contractor licensing procedures.

View our Green Roof Initiative webpage for details on...

  • What to submit after January 1
  • Exemptions and 2017 deadlines
  • Projects currently under site development plan (SDP) review
  • Joining the Technical Advisory Group
  • A public input process to evaluate potential modifications to the initiative 
  • and more

Plan ahead! After January 1, all applications for roof permits on buildings over 25,000 square feet must be logged in for plan review and must meet the Denver Green Roof Construction Standard. 

Online roof permit applications for buildings of this size will only be available through December 31.