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NEW: Simultaneous Zoning and Building Code Reviews

image of building plansMany commercial projects in Denver can now apply for both zoning permits and building permits at the same time. This type of simultaneous zoning and building code review is optional -- applicants who need or want a commercial zoning review before applying for building permits can continue to do so.

Sewer Use and Drainage Permitting (SUDP): You will still need to apply for an SUDP. Prevent delays by doing this as soon as you apply for your zoning and building permits.

Properties located in a floodplain may face unique construction constraints -- Before drafting building plans, visit to check your floodplain status and find contact information for Denver's Floodplain Administrator.

Use the drop-down menus below to find out how to apply simultaneously for both zoning and building permits.

Projects that meet any of the criteria below cannot apply for zoning and building permits simultaneously. Commercial/multifamily projects not covered below are eligible.

Landmarks/Historic Districts

Unless it is a tenant finish or change of use project that has no exterior work, projects that affect a landmark structure or are located in a historic district cannot apply for a simultaneous review. These projects must start their permitting process with an approval from Landmark Preservation

Design Review District

Anything located in a design review district or subject to city-adopted urban design standards and guidelines (unless it is a tenant finish or change of use project that has no exterior work) cannot apply for a simultaneous review. Use the DevelopDENVER map to find out if your project is in a design review district, and if it is, contact your area's assigned Project Coordinator (also listed on the DevelopDENVER map).

Administrative Reviews (Special Zoning Situations)

Any project requiring a special zoning review, such as a zoning permit with informational notice (ZPIN), zoning permit with special exception (ZPSE), variance (if you know ahead of time that your project will need a variance), or an administrative/special use review cannot apply for a simultaneous review. 

If your project requires a zone lot amendment, make sure to do this before logging in for a simultaneous review.

Site Development Plans (SDPs)

Projects in the SDP process already receive a zoning code review and may begin a building code review with the approval of their assigned Project Coordinator. Click here to learn if your project will require an SDP.

Single-Family and Duplex Residential

Single-family homes and duplexes already receive a combined zoning and building code review.

Applicants for a simultaneous review will use the Log In service at the permit counter to submit both building and zoning applications. Note: not all zoning permit applications need to be logged in. A faster, same-day review at the counter may be more appropriate for some applicants - review the zoning policy (PDF) first to see if your permit type is eligible for a counter review.

Applications for a simultaneous review can be logged in via email to or in person (with an appointment) at the Log In counter.

You will need to include a complete building submittal, a complete zoning submittal, and a request form to log in.

Bring with you, or email...

  • The “Request for Simultaneous Zoning Code and Building Code Review” form signed by the registered design professional whose signature appears on the building plans. This form attests to the completeness of plans and acknowledges the risks inherent to starting a building review before a zoning review is complete.
  • A complete building submittal, including all items listed on the “New Buildings, Additions, & Change of Occupancy” form or “Tenant Finish & Remodel” form located in the guide below

Applicants who are not requesting a simultaneous review will continue to need a valid zoning permit before logging in for building permits.

There is no guarantee a project will be approved for zoning or building permits. 

Applicants are responsible for paying the standard zoning permit fee and the building plan review fee before either review can start, and paying final building permit fees before receiving a building permit. Building plan review fees are invoiced at the time of application and zoning permit fees are invoiced once a zoning code reviewer confirms your zoning application is complete. The City and County of Denver takes no responsibility for projects that may be rejected at either the zoning or building stage and will not refund fees.

NOTE that additional fees may be due if a review is completed by one entity and another entity requires changes to the submitted documents, necessitating a re-review by the team that previously reviewed and approved the project. Additional fees will be charged on an hourly basis, using standard rates. View standard fee structures here.