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Log in your next single-family or duplex project by email

Happily, we are now able to accept emailed submittals for single-family and duplex projects! Over the past few months, our team has worked to ensure that we are able to effectively review building and zoning plans submitted as PDFs, and we are equipping inspectors with the technology to access the approved digital plans in the field. While we're starting with only residential projects for now, we hope to accept fire and commercial/multifamily projects by email shortly.

Send us one email per project, with all documents and plans attached as PDFs, stamped and electronically signed as needed, and named as follows: DocumentName_Address_Date.pdf (e.g., SitePlan_201WColfax_11-1-2017.pdf). We will communicate with you via email, and you will be able to pay fees and check plan review status online using the e-permits system we launched this summer. Eventually, we aim to move the entire submittal and review process onto the e-permits platform and eliminate the need for an email inbox. 

Get started here:

Find application forms, email instructions, and a checklist of what to submit in the new Residential Permitting Guide.

For Master/Type-Approved (TA) projects, please use the Master/TA guide (PDF) specific to these project types. This guide contains email instructions, checklists, and all the necessary forms including a new, standardized application and a sample Master option list.

Electronic signatures

Download an easy-to-follow guide for creating and applying an electronic signature (with screenshots)

As with paper submittals, all plans, reports, surveys, etc. prepared by an architect, engineer, or surveyor must bear their seal and signature. For PDFs, apply your stamp/seal as usual, and then apply an electronic signature by following the steps in the guide above. The electronic signature can substitute for an original, handwritten signature and protects the intellectual property of the preparer in accordance with state requirements. This signature will be invalidated if there are any changes to the document after it is signed.



Link to Residential Permitting GuideResidential Permitting Guide


5 things to know before applying by email

  • Only new projects can apply by email; resubmittals of projects initially submitted as hard copies must also be submitted as hard copies in person. 
  • All documents must be submitted as PDFs. Combine plan sets into a single PDF unless they were prepared by different individuals, each of whom needs to sign their plan set separately.
  • File names are important! Help us stay organized by naming each file as follows: DocumentName_Address_Date (e.g., SitePlan_201WColfax_11-1-2017)
  • Building inspectors will be equipped with tablets for checking the approved plan set on the job site, though each project is still required to have their own copy of the approved construction plans on site.
  • Check your email and spam folders during the review process. We will email you if additional information is required, and when you are ready to pay plan review and permit fees. Fees can be paid online with a credit card--you will receive instructions and an invoice by email when your project is at that point. 

Our target plan review times are located here. You can use e-permits to check the status of your review as it is ongoing.

Sewer Use and Drainage Permits (SUDP)

Link to the Sewer Use & Drainage Permits (SUDP) webpage

In addition to zoning and building permits, residential construction projects need an SUDP review from Public Works. Typically, customers are responsible for applying to SUDP separately. New residential projects submitted by email will be forwarded to SUDP on your behalf. Once your emailed application has been logged in, watch for a follow-up from an SUDP reviewer or reach out to SUDP directly. For a faster review, show existing and proposed sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water service lines with sizes and types of piping on your emailed site plan. Visit for complete SUDP requirements.