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City Council to Vote on Community Vision for Montbello, Gateway/Green Valley Ranch and Airport Neighborhoods

Far Northeast Area Plan calls for preserving culturally rich residential communities, diversifying housing , increasing mobility options  

A grocery-anchored, mixed-use cultural hub in Montbello, vibrant transit-oriented development at 61st & Peña, and guidance for new park facilities in under-served areas in Green Valley Ranch (GVR) are among the highlights of the community’s Far Northeast Area Plan. The plan will have its final public hearing and vote before Denver City Council on Monday, June 10. If approved, the Far Northeast Area Plan would become the first completed plan under the city’s Neighborhood Planning Initiative and the first under Comprehensive Plan 2040’s vision for an inclusive, connected and healthy city.

City Council Public Hearing for the Far Northeast Area Plan
5:30 p.m., Monday, June 10
City and County Building, Council Chambers (#405)
1437 Bannock Street, Denver
Watch the hearing live on
Read the executive summary (PDF) | Read the draft plan (PDF)

“I’d like to congratulate Far Northeast Denver residents on two years of hard work creating a plan that is inclusive and reflects the priorities of the community,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “This area plan represents an equitable vision for the future that will guide a vital part of Denver for the next twenty years.  This is the first plan from our Neighborhood Planning Initiative and the level of participation and engagement from our residents has set a high bar that will inspire the rest of the city.”

“Through the collaborative efforts of various community organizations and community members, we created the guidelines and framework of what we as a community want to see in the next 20 years,” said District 11 Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore. “Behind this area plan, there are vibrant stories, and life changing events from people in our neighborhood who hold a deep sense of pride for where they live.”

“The Far Northeast Area Plan is the culmination of two-plus years of collaborative, resident-driven work in creating a comprehensive and forward-thinking neighborhood plan,” said District 8 Councilman Chris Herndon. “This plan reflects the community’s collective desires for the future of Far Northeast Denver and will help guide land use decisions for many years to come. I’m grateful for the commitment and hard work of everyone involved.”

Since the plan kick off in 2017, hundreds of residents participated in the creation of the Far Northeast Area Plan, which would set a long-term vision for Montbello, Gateway/Green Valley Ranch, and parts of the Denver International Airport statistical area. The vision includes:

  • Preserving the area as a community of proud and well-established neighborhoods that celebrate racial and cultural diversity
  • Supporting the development and preservation of a range of housing options for all ages, abilities and incomes, with an emphasis on the housing needs of the area’s senior, young adult, and family populations
  • Maintaining and enhancing the area’s inclusive suburban character while focusing higher-intensity growth and development along transit corridors and in walkable, mixed-use centers
  • Increasing high-quality and innovative mobility options, including first- and last-mile connections, walking, biking, public transit and personal vehicles
  • Cultivating access to opportunity for residents and workers by supporting the development and retention of a range of business, employment, education and training opportunities
  • Guiding growth, development and the use of public land in a responsible and sustainable way to protect and enhance the environment for future generations

Along with the overall vision, the plan includes neighborhood-specific plans and projects:

In MONTBELLO, the plan calls for preserving the character of Montbello’s residential neighborhoods and building connections to destinations along Peoria and Chambers Road. Transformative projects include supporting and setting policy in place to facilitate the community’s “FreshLo” (Fresh and Local) Initiative, which would create a grocery-anchored, mixed-use cultural hub and neighborhood walking loop in Montbello.

In GATEWAY-GREEN VALLEY RANCH, the plan seeks to preserve the character of existing residential areas while leveraging future development in the Gateway area to attract mixed-use development and affordable housing. Transformative projects include updating subdivision regulations to ensure the creation of sufficient parks and recreation and school facilities as the area develops and grows, in concert with the city’s recently adopted Game Plan for a Healthy City.

In the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT statistical area, the plan calls for capitalizing on the area’s direct access to the airport and proximity to commuter rail to create new and exciting neighborhoods, destination areas, and employment hubs. Transformative projects include creating vibrant, walkable, transit-oriented development at 61st & Peña and at a new A Line station at 72nd and Himalaya.

The Far Northeast Area Plan is the first to come from the Neighborhood Planning Initiative, which was approved by Denver’s Planning Board in December 2016 to provide neighborhood-level policy guidance for the entire city. Neighborhood plans build upon the recommendations of citywide plans with more specificity. Within the Neighborhood Planning Initiative umbrella, the East and East Central Area Plans are also currently underway. A West Area Plan, covering the Sun Valley, West Colfax, Villa Park, Barnum, Barnum West, and Valverde neighborhoods, will officially launch later this year.

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