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General news and updates


4/4/2019 -- Spring news from CPD
We've been busy...

1/15/2019 -- Winter news from Denver Community Planning & Development
New draft Denveright plans, neighborhood planning updates, Denver Garden and Home Show

11/20/2018 -- Late Fall News from Denver Community Planning & Development
Mayor's Design Awards, new landmarks, green construction

10/10/2018 -- Fall News from Denver Community Planning & Development
Questions on residential permits? Join us...

9/10/2018 -- Special Issue
Learn about commercial permitting from the experts

8/10/2018 -- Late Summer 2018
Denveright plans released, "group living" open house, Stadium District planning, more...

6/25/2018 -- Summer 2018 
Mayor's Design Award nominations, Stadium District Master Plan public workshop, Downtown Area Plan amendment adopted, more....

6/8/2018 -- Summer 2018 Meeting News
Stadium District Master Plan public workshop, Far Northeast Plan community meeting, and upcoming public hearings. 

4/6/2018 -- Spring 2018
Slot homes, Stadium District master plan (Mile High), Elitches and the Downtown Area plan update, Denver's newest landmark, more....

2/14/2018 -- Winter 2018
Major zoning changes, Blueprint workshops, paper-less permits, group living rules, garden & home show, 16th Street Mall design, more....

2/14/2018 -- Winter 2018
Major zoning changes, Blueprint workshops, paper-less permits, group living rules, garden & home show, 16th Street Mall design, more....

12/21/2017 -- 2017 Year in Review
A look back at 2017, and a look ahead at what's on the horizon

12/4/2017 - Late Fall 2017
Green roofs, Comprehensive plan, Blueprint Denver, slot homes, neighborhood planning, landmark preservation ordinance task force, more...

10/12/2017 - Fall 2017
Blueprint future places survey, sidewalk safety, Packard's Hill historic district, 16th Street Mall, Park Hill Golf Course, more....

08/29/2017 -- Late Summer UPDATE 2017
Slot homes, Solar Decathlon, Denveright/Blueprint meetings, CRUSH, Far Northeast Plan meeting, Mayor's Design Award nominations due, more...

08/17/2017 -- Late Summer 2017
e-permits, Packard's Hill proposed historic district, Blueprint Denver meetings, Square on 21st, neighborhood planning, lead lines, more...

07/18/2017 -- Special Issue: Denver launches Safe Occupancy Program
Safe Occupancy Program approved, call for professionals

06/30/2017 -- Special Issue: Denver proposes Safe Occupancy Program for buildings
Voluntary program would ensure safety, avoid displacement

06/14/2017 -- Summer 2017
Far northeast plan kickoff, the Square on 21st, TLC for abandoned buildings, Denveright 1-year update, design awards, zoning hours, more...

04/20/2017 -- Special Issue: Blueprint Denver growth workshop
Join us for a Denveright workshop on Denver's growth

04/10/2017 -- Spring 2017
Blueprint Denver #Denveright growth workshop, small lot parking exemption, Discover Denver in City Park West, slot homes, Box City, more...

02/22/2017 -- Special Issue: Open House on Slot Homes
Join us for a March 8th community open house on slot homes

02/10/2017 -- Special Issue: Meet us at the Garden & Home Show
Presentation from CPD staff at the Colorado Convention Center

01/17/2017 -- Special Issue: Forum on Safe Creative Spaces 
Community forum on safe creative spaces & Artspace collaboration

01/06/2017 -- Early Winter 2017 
Zoning & neighborhood inspectors go mobile, #denverlandmark50, affordable housing fee, zoning code bundle & general urban context

12/19/2016 -- Special issue: Forum on safe creative spaces
Community forum on safe creative spaces & Artspace collaboration

12/14/2016 -- Late Fall 2016
Neighborhood planning, 2016 permit activity, affordable housing fee, building code amendments, Denveright, small-lot parking, more....

10/25/2016 -- Fall 2016
Affordable housing fee, Denveright workshops, small-lot parking exemption committee, building code amendments, check-in times, more....

9/15/2016 -- Special issue: Learn ins and outs of commercial permitting from the experts
Commercial permitting presentation September 29

8/23/2016 -- Special issue: Council approves two moratoria
Small-lot parking exemption moratorium, garden court form moratorium 

8/16/2016 -- Late Summer 2016
Denveright survey, Citizens' Planning Academy, slot homes, legislative, permitting updates, Meet in the Street, 38th & Blake....

07/22/2016 -- Special issue: Legislative roundup 
Bills related to development in Denver -- small-lot parking exemption moratorium, garden court form moratorium

07/14/2016 -- Special issue: Meet in the Street 
Upcoming events for consecutive weekends of Meet in the Street on the 16th Street Mall

06/10/2016 -- Summer 2016
Summer in the City, Denveright, construction season, customer resources, Arapahoe Square, SolSmart, 61st and Peña TOD, short-term rentals

05/20/2016 -- Special issue: Denveright: Your Voice. Our Future.
Four community-driven plans to shape the future of Denver's land use, mobility, parks & recreation

04/05/2016 - Spring 2016
I-25 & Broadway, Westwood plan, Arapahoe Square zoning, building codes, 38th & Blake, building tips....

02/27/2016 - Special Issue: Counter closures and building code update  
Building code update, temporary permit counter closures.

01/29/2016 - Winter 2016  
Design Denver's future, new building code, Planning Board on TV, tiny houses, short-term rentals, more...

11/16/2015 - Special issue: Permit counter changes
Permit counter changes, log-in pickup queue, log-in appointments, third-party roofing inspections....

11/2/2015 - Fall 2015  
Mayor's Design Awards honor 16, permitting update, Scott Prisco named building official, Chris Nevitt, more...

08/11/2015 - Summer 2015  
Message to permit customers, the Citizens’ Planning Academy, Mayor’s Design Awards, The Mall Experience...

07/01/2015 - Special Issue: Mayor's Design Awards 
Call for nominations

06/19/2015 - Late Spring 2015 
Verify your contractor, 16th St. Mall, new permit software, single-family and duplex project checklist...

05/26/2015 - Special issue: Permitting Software Upgrade and 1-day Counter Closure  
Denver will implement new permitting software June 4-8, 2015. Here's what you need to know.

04/23/2015 - Spring Update 2015  
What's happening in Denver?, I-25 & Broadway plan, zoning code bundle, National Western Center zoning...

03/24/2015 - Spring 2015  
North Denver's future, sell your garden veggies, Living Streets, Westwood planning...

01/13/2015 - Winter 2015 - Eight great things happening in 2015  
Planning Denver's west side, better permitting services, density downtown, stronger neighborhood partnerships...

11/21/2014 - Late Fall 2014  
Mayor's Design Awards, Cherry Creek zoning, 2015 I-codes, IECC forum, website updates, Golden Triangle plan...

11/03/2014 - Special issue: Join us for the Mayor's Design Awards  
Mayor's Design Awards: Join us

10/6/2014 - Fall 2014 
La Alma/Lincoln Park named an APA great neighborhood, Denver to adopt 2015 I-codes, Globeville Plan...

09/16/2014 - Special issue: My Favorite Place in Denver reminder 
My Favorite Place in Denver reminder

08/18/2014 - Special issue: My Favorite Place in Denver  
My Favorite Place in Denver

08/07/2014 - Special issue: Customer service center  
Customer service center now open at the Development Services permit counter

07/29/2014 - Summer 2014  
Mayor's Design Awards, at-home produce sales, Landmark design guidelines, NEC, Golden Triangle plan...

06/23/2014 - Special issue: Transit Oriented Denver  
Transit Oriented Denver, the city's new TOD strategic plan

04/28/2014 - Spring 2014  
At-home produce sales, Cherry Creek zoning, registered neighborhoods, new deputies, solar made easier

02/19/2014: Winter 2014  
Buchanan named director, 2013 permit activity, proposed zoning code updates, 61st and Peña plan...

11/19/2013 - Fall 2013 update  

Design matters, design guideline update, sidewalk safety, South Sloan's Lake GDP, Golden Triangle plan...

09/25/2013 - Fall 2013  
Triangle Transformations, Steve Ferris named Development Services director, TOD open house...

07/17/2013 - Summer 2013  
Growing Denver's transit communities, building permits high, Cherry Creek district zoning, NDCC...

03/18/2013 - Spring 2013  
Transit-oriented development on track, city planning, home improvement projects, solar-friendly city...


Landmark Preservation 


04/26/2019 -- Landmark Preservation Spring News
Landmark ordinance update and National Preservation Month activities.


09/21/2018 -- Landmark Preservation News
Wellshire Cottage is Denver's newest landmark, landmark rules update, Vassar School Bungalows, 670 Marion, more...

06/11/2018 -- Landmark Preservation News -- Meeting updates
Rescheduled Preservation Month talk, public hearing for new designation application

04/19/2018 -- Landmark Preservation News -- National Preservation Month Preview 2018 
#ThisPlaceMatters campaign among highlights of Preservation Month events scheduled for May

03/05/2018 -- Landmark Preservation News -- Winter 2018 
"Ormleigh" up for designation, landmark ordinance review/update, Larimer Square proposal, more...

09/22/2017 -- Landmark Preservation News -- About Packard's Hill
Packard's Hill Historic District proposed

07/20/2017 - Landmark Preservation News - Summer 2017 
Packard's Hill historic district proposed, City Park West Discovery Day, more....

05/02/2017 - Landmark Preservation News - May 2017 - Preservation Month
Preservation Month events, #denverlandmark50, job openings, Q&A with Colorado Preservation Inc., Bosler House update

04/28/2017 - Special Issue: Landmark Preservation News - Doors Open Denver
42 of 68 Doors Open Denver sites are designated historic properties

02/14/2017 - Landmark Preservation News - February 2017 
Tax credits for preservation projects, Denver Club remodel, Jennifer Cappeto, neighborhood planning, #DenverLandmark50

01/26/2017 - Landmark Preservation News - Winter 2017
50 Years of Landmark Preservation, new Discover Denver website, year in review, design review training, Saving Places Conference, more

09/26/2016 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Mid-mod is Having a Moment
Discover Denver to survey Virginia Village, Virginia Village Discovery Day, Krisana Park conservation overlay

08/29/2016 - Landmark Preservation news late Summer 2016
LGBT landmark, Five Points design standards, Krisana Park, Bosler House, Emily Griffith site.....

06/06/2016 - Landmark Preservation news Summer 2016
Meet your three new landmarks, Five Points design guidelines, Virginia Village survey, Bosler House roof....

03/22/2016 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Bosler House sold 
Landmark Bosler House is sold

02/26/2016 - Landmark Preservation news Winter 2016
National Western Stadium Arena, S. Lincoln district?, Bosler House to be sold, Five Points ...

02/17/2016 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Five Points district meeting
Five Points Historic Cultural District meeting -- design guidelines

11/12/2015 - Landmark Preservation news Winter 2015
Discover Denver in Globeville, design award winners, new designations, Bosler assessment...

08/25/2015 - Landmark Preservation news Summer 2015
Discover Denver's History Colorado grant, design review, Mayor's Design Awards, Red Rocks...

05/20/2015 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Bosler House foreclosure
City to foreclose on historic Bosler House

05/18/2015 - Landmark Preservation news Spring 2015  
Preservation endures in Denver, Epworth Church, Discover Denver in Jefferson Park...

09/11/2014 - Landmark Preservation news Late Summer 2014  
New design guidelines, My Favorite Place in Denver, Denver Union Station...

8/28/2014 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Mayor's Design Awards  
Mayor's Design Awards

06/11/2014 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Design guidelines public notice  
Design Guidelines Public Notice

06/03/2014 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Design guidelines update  
Design Guidelines Update

05/23/2014 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Preservation Month! 
Preservation Month Edition. National Preservation Month, design guidelines, Union Station...

04/04/2014 - Landmark Preservation news Spring 2014 
Welton Street preservation & growth, citywide design guidelines, demolition review policy...

01/29/2014 - Landmark Preservation special issue: Design standards & guidelines
Special issue: Design standards and guidelines

12/17/2013 - Landmark Preservation news Winter 2013  
Design guidelines open house, Mayor's Design Award winners, new permit counter services...

09/19/2013 - Landmark Preservation news Fall 2013  
Is Denver's next historic district on S. Lincoln? Major update planned for historic district design...

09/04/2013 - Landmark Preservation news special issue  
Special issue: Discover Denver

04/16/2013 - Landmark Preservation news Spring 2013  
Margaret Long House designated, Baker warehouse conversion, Curtis Park infill, tax credits... 

Code & Policy Alerts (Building and Zoning)


7/18/2019 -- Updates for design and construction projects in Denver
8 updates for projects currently under review or coming soon

4/29/2019 -- Deadline extended to propose local building code amendments
Amendment proposals will be accepted through May 10

4/18/2019 -- Updates on Denver's building code adoption, fire permits, 16th Street Mall, and more
We're going into the last week to propose code amendments

3/14/2019 -- Denver wants your input for a new building and fire code
Publicly proposed amendments will be accepted until Friday, April 26

2/11/2019 -- You're invited! Plus important news for contractors and design professionals
Residential permitting presentation, code amendment on electrician ratios on job sites, tips, and more

11/29/2018 -- Green buildings, zoning, and permit counter hours updates
Opportunities for public comment and new hours on Tuesdays

10/31/2018 -- Greener construction will be part of Denver's future
Starting Friday, Nov. 2: New green building law goes into effect

10/8/2018 -- Green roofs and other updates
Denver permit counter to open at 9 a.m. tomorrow, October 9

8/26/2018 -- Residential and commercial permit news
Counter hours update, Important changes to SUDP and emailed building log in, Guidance for residential projects

8/21/2018 -- You're invited! Our 3rd annual "Navigating Commercial Permitting in Denver" event is here
You don't want to miss this.

7/9/2018 -- A mid-summer update from Denver Development Services
Permit counter opening at 9 am, meet with zoning staff, tricks of the trade, and important news for production homebuilders

5/24/2018 -- Download the amended Denver Zoning Code 
Zoning changes include new rules on parking lot lighting, mini-storage and drive-thrus, and home occupations 

5/8/2018 -- What's new with green roofs? and recent code amendments 
Building and zoning code amendments, green roof rules and proposed changes, affordable housing fee set to increase 

4/23/2018 -- Denver building code amendments, fee changes, and more 
Reminder: permit counter opening at 9 a.m., not 8 a.m., on Tuesday 

3/28/2018 -- Building permits, solar, graywater, radon, and more
5 reasons to email your next building permit application 

3/11/2018 -- 1833 Emerson fire -- nearby building repairs 
The 1833 Emerson construction site fire was a 5-story multifamily building in progress.... 

3/5/2018 -- Big news for commercial projects 
Emailed plans now accepted - details inside 

2/20/2018 -- Do you help design or construct marijuana facilities? 
Join us March 7 for our next permitting presentation 

2/1/2018 -- Details on proposed zoning code amendments and recently updated building code policies
News from Denver CPD that may impact building and development projects  

1/8/2018 -- NEW: Become licensed to install green roofs in Denver
Reminder, permit counter opening at 9 a.m., not 8 a.m., on Tuesday 

12/27/2017 -- Draft rules & regulations for Denver Green Roofs now available 
Submit your green roof comments by email 

12/21/2017 -- Denver, here's your look back at 2017, and what's on the horizon for 2018
Unprecedented planning, record development 

12/7/2017 -- Denver's Green Roof Initiative
Plan ahead! Review green roof requirements and guidance 

11/8/2017 -- A major update to the residential energy code policy and clarity on plan review fees
What to submit for energy code compliance for residential projects and an updated fee policy 

11/1/2017 -- A treat for residential construction projects and a trick for scheduling inspections 
Emailed plans now accepted - details inside

10/9/2017 -- Denver CPD permit counter opens at 9 AM on Tues., Oct. 10 
Late opening tomorrow, calculating your Affordable Housing Fee, gender-neutral bathroom signs, online appointment scheduling 

9/11/2017 -- Appointments are now available for the Denver CPD permit counter
Last day for remote check-in is tomorrow, Tuesday the 12th

7/31/2017 -- "E-permits" launches in Denver
Missed the commercial permitting presentation? Get the recap here. 

7/10/2017 -- Permit counter opening at 9 am tomorrow (Tuesday, July 11) 
Counter hours, commercial permitting forum announced, City Council hearing 

6/29/2017 -- RSVP now for the next Commercial Permitting Presentation
Event date and time: Wednesday, July 26 at 5 pm 

5/25/2017 -- Service impacts at the permit counter
Denver building, zoning, and SUDP permits 

5/12/2017 -- Big changes for commercial zoning permits
Counter hours, applications, Project Guides, dedicated webpage and more 

5/1/2017 -- Zoning code text amendments to take effect May 5
Council to hear small-lot parking debate tonight 

4/24/2017 -- Commercial building permits...don't miss this

4/10/2017 -- Permits open @ 9 am tomorrow; zoning code amendments; NEW simultaneous zoning and building reviews
NEW: Log in for zoning & building at the same time

3/29/2017 -- Counter construction and hours update
Opening at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2/23/2017 -- Permit Counter check-in advisory and Invitation to a Community Open House on Slot Homes 
"Slot Homes" zoning text amendment 

2/08/2017 -- Changes to the Denver Zoning Code 
Inside: Off-street parking requirements and times for public comment 

2/01/2017 -- Contractors: Get certified to work on pre-1978 home renos for FREE 
Inside: Roofing guide and inspections policy change, free EPA training courses, and residential permitting Q&A at the Garden & Home Show 

1/17/2017 -- New fee policy and new email address to submit detached garage applications
Updated fee policy available + new info for residential garage submittals 

1/03/2017 -- January counter closures & everything you need for the 2017 affordable housing fee 
Affordable housing fee application required for every building permit applicant 

12/28/2016 -- Is your restroom up to code? New gender-neutral sign regulations inside.
Building code amendments, including gender-neutral restrooms 

11/28/2016 -- Inaugural Issue
City Council to review building code amendments; Commercial kitchen designs; Time-saving prep demo permit 

Neighborhood planning news


8/17/2018 -- Denveright plans will shape more inclusive, connected, healthy city
Update on Denveright, Far Northeast survey on draft plan strategies, what's on the horizon for East and East Central Plans. 

3/22/2018 -- Neighborhood toolkits are here & ready for use
Neighborhood toolkits available for areas awaiting a plan, Far Northeast opportunity area survey, urban quality surveys in East and East Central area

11/22/2017 -- Community shares ideas, vision, goals for their neighborhoods
2nd public meeting for Far Northeast Area Plan, East Area and East Central Area kickoff surveys closing

7/13/2017 -- Big crowd helps kick off Far Northeast Area Plan
East Area Plan and East Central Area Plan webpages 

3/17/2017 -- Communications Poll: Tell us how and what you want to hear from us!

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